draft dodger

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someone who is drafted and illegally refuses to serve


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The Ministry maintains there is a conflict of interest because many draft dodgers use his psychological evaluations to evade service.
Bill Clinton, "virtual draft dodger" -- Many think he was a fairly good president.
"A haredi person, as soon as he expresses willingness to serve, is on a lower social level, considered rotten, while amongst the secular he's a parasite, and a draft dodger ...
a draft warranted dodging, we got draft dodger, because a war in the
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Security camera footage showing seven police officers beating a draft dodger, who was also handcuffed, at a police station in ystanbul's Kay-ythane district was released by a Turkish daily on Wednesday in connection with a criminal complaint that was filed seven months ago.
John Wayne may not have been Sergeant Stryker, but he wasn't the draft dodger of his enemies' propaganda, either.
The media, especially Hollywood, has romanticized war, using actors like the late John Wayne who, on film, won the war against the Axis powers in Europe and in the Pacific, while in real life was a two-time draft dodger using his connections with rightwing Republicans to escape conscription.
Then the real world, beyond the idyllic image of Laurel Canyon, begins to make its way into Quinn's life: Caroline's brother is drafted into service in Vietnam, Quinn aids a draft dodger who knows his sister, and Quinn's parents teeter on the edge of divorce.
John Sacher's "The Loyal Draft Dodger? A Reexamination of Confederate Substitution" uses enrollment records and other sources from Rockingham County, Virginia, to argue that at least for these southerners, Confederate nationalism could be expressed in ways other than bearing arms.
Agca's lawyers said earlier that the military authorities still considered him to be a draft dodger and required him to undergo the examination.
His lawyers had said earlier that the military authorities still considered him a draft dodger and required him to undergo a check-up at a military hospital as soon as he was released.
Even An American Draft Dodger In Thunder Bay, about a Vietnam war conscientious objector, fails to excite when it surely should.
weekly magazine The New Republic that "[t]he draft dodger question and now the deserter issue seem to be ready-made pegs on which Canadians can hang their anti-Americanism." Williams added, "Conservatives and liberals use the deserter-resister issue to assert Canadian independence.
Not America's most famous draft dodger Wayne, but the 'Sands of Iwo Jima' version.