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any of the various versions in the development of a written work


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'Provided further that the payment of outstanding cess as specified in Sub-section (4), (5) and (6) shall be made in two tranches, first within thirty days of signing of the agreement and second within three months of the signing of the agreement,' said draft copy of Presidential Ordinance, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today.
A draft copy of the framework obtained by INQUIRER.net states that the sea code is 'not an instrument to settle territorial disputes or maritime delimitation issues.'
A senior banker who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Daily Star that there is apparently a second draft copy floating around at the U.S.
The draft copy directs commissioners to focus on violence prevention, not police investigations.
The draft copy, published hereunder, duped as 'key provisions and justification for the agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan,' also included in the power-sharing former detainees (FD) and other political parties (PP) in the young nation.
A draft copy of the amended constitution was distributed to political parties and civil society associations.
Acknowledgement: Author would like to thank the editors and fellow students for their comments and insight in improving the draft copy of this article.
But the government has rejected the draft copy of the FIR which was prepared by the department.
Earlier, a draft copy of the Abbottabad commission's report, examining Osama's hideout in Pakistan for nearly a decade, was leaked in Islamabad to Al-Jazeera which posted it online.
The newspaper cited a draft copy of a term sheet by Telecom Italia to CDP, which it had seen.Country: ItalySector: TelecommunicationsType: RestructuringStatus: Speculation
His solicitor previously revealed Mr Halappanavar was highly distressed at the leaking of a draft copy earlier last month.
MacGregor spoke after all 12 SPL clubs met at Hampden to discuss the proposed set-up and to look over a draft copy of the rule book for the new governing body.
"Legally, this is more of a primary reading than a draft copy [of the constitution]," he explained.
The draft copy of the bylaws and statutes would be submitted to the Cabinet and the National Assembly for approval and implementation, the source said.
We thank the contributors to and supporters of the project, and the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund for financial support towards the initial draft copy of the guideline.