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a board to select personnel for involuntary military service

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In exchange for a guilty plea, the federal judge put me on three years' probation and ordered me to do two years' work in the national interest--the very same thing I had asked of my draft board. I served my time in the impoverished and tough Philadelphia, Pennsylvania neighborhoods of Kensington (a white community) and West Philly (a black community) doing youth work.
I will be accompanying your brother to the draft board, he said, from behind the heron's wings.
"When the draft board called, you went," he said in an interview.
I was being patriotic, but it wasn't enough, so I quit my job, went down to the draft board, and was inducted into the navy.
getting classified 4-F by the Draft Board in 1943; getting a quickie
DANIEL BERRIGAN and eight others who napalmed records of the Catonsville, Md., draft board in May 1968 were found guilty in October by a U.S.
In 2005, Ruslan Tukhbatullin, an army officer, was pressured into resigning his military post and job with the draft board, after being warned that he would be dismissedunless his brother "kept his head down."
The Danish Society of General Medicine, DSAM, has laid this out in a consultation response to the Health Protection Agency, which has set a deadline for Tuesday January, 21st to come up with objections and comments to a new revised draft Board "Guidance on Circumcision of Boys."
You can be a secularist and live the life of "absolute" pacifism - that is, the belief that violence is never morally acceptable, whether in self-defence or on behalf of others - and still be refused conscientious objector status by a draft board.
However, due to lower than expected enlistments, Wilson requested that Congress pass a Selective Service Act for World War I requiring all males aged 21 to 30 to register with their local draft board. Selective Service was in effect from May 18, 1917 through December 20, 1918, during which time more than 24 million American men registered.
Set in the early 70's, The Camden 28 investigates the historical incident of when 28 people, mostly non-violent activists from the Catholic left, plotted to break into a local draft board office and destroy records.
March, 1958, Elvis is inducted into the US Army at the Memphis Draft Board and is assigned serial number 53310761.
In 1971, in Camden, N.J., 28 people participated in a break-in at a draft board office in protest of the Vietnam war.
The study used data from more than 318,000 Jewish men and women born in Israel during six consecutive years and who underwent draft board assessment at age 17.
The investigators used data collected on a cohort of 378,891 Israelis born during a consecutive 6-year period in the 1980s and evaluated at age 17 by the Israeli draft board, which determines intellectual, medical, and psychiatric eligibility for the country's compulsory military service.