draft beer

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beer drawn from a keg


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Crabs, Shrimps and 'Spicy Tinola' were served to oour delight as a band played to keep the evening alive while guests enjoyed the draft beer which came in liters.
While in 2013, the consumption of draft beer in restaurants and bars was at 34 percent of the total amount drunk, last year it declined to 30 percent.
Hopsy's technology enables brewers to have fresh draft beer delivered to local customers while providing beer lovers unprecedented access to local beer when they want and where they want.
On-premise, draft beer is available in hundreds of different styles at different strengths, so serving a responsibly sized portion makes good business sense.
only, draft only,'' Cedric Daniel emphasized in describing the business, which produces 5,000 barrels of draft beer annually and distributes solely in Massachusetts.
Draft beer couldn't be served before because the fluctuating air pressure created too much foam, according to Japanese investigation.
Businessman Eduardo Rodrigues said he hoped to drink many free draft beers during the month-long tournament.
The rise of AmBev and its beer empire is perhaps not surprising in a nation where neighborhood bars in major cities vie for a coveted chopp, or draft beer, award each year.
Starting in January, beer enthusiasts of the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to order fresh draft beer from a list of local microbreweries on Hopsy's ecommerce platform and get the convenience of home delivery - like a modern beer milkman.
With more than 20 state guilds for craft brewers, many organize annual conferences and training useful for on-premise operators to taste and learn about draft beer. Draught education is also offered by the Siebel Institute in Chicago with instructors from the Draught Beer Guild.
Micro Matic, the draft beer equipment supplier, has tapped its resources this holiday season to support Operation Homefront, a non-profit that provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of military service members and wounded soldiers, sailors and Marines.
A growler is a re-usable glass bottle that is used to transport draft beer from the brewery to home.
"Blue Moon is our top-selling draft beer," though all domestic light beers get a big push for football promotions, says Adam Kass, the Greene Turtle's director of beverage development.
has announced the availability of the 2011 Bar & Beverage Dispensing Equipment catalog, The company reports that the full-color catalog is the largest edition yet at 179 pages, with 12 more pages of equipment added, The catalog includes equipment to outfit the complete bar, from the draft beer system to underbar stainless sinks and ice chests.
Louisville, KY, August 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Bevintel, a leading profit control and revenue enhancement company and Bevchek, a successful draft beer control system have joined forces.