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any of numerous low-growing cushion-forming plants of the genus Draba having rosette-forming leaves and terminal racemes of small flowers with scapose or leafy stems

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Anatomical, palynological and micromorphological study of seed, trichome and stomata of Cardaria draba L.
Ao lado disso, alguns itens (1, 4, 11, 12, 15) apresentaram DIF somente de acordo com o indice apresentado em logits (Linacre & Wright, 2009; Tennant & Pallant, 2007), e nenhum dos itens apresentou DIF somente no criterio proposto por Draba (1977), sugerindo que esse e um criterio mais rigoroso em relacao ao de logits.
17) Berberidaceae Berberis lilloana Job (11) Brassicaceae Draba burkartiana O.
Another and more sustained reference is to Spartacus in that Maximus's friendship with the Nubian gladiator Juba (Djimon Hounsou) parallels that of Spartacus (Kirk Douglas) with Draba (Woody Strode).
Aunque la SMO no presenta comunidades de vegetacion alpina, en las cimas de los picos mas altos (Cerro Gordo, Mohinora, Huehuento y otros), por encima de los 3200 m existe vegetacion herbacea baja (plantas enanas de Sedum, Draba, Senecio, Poa, Bouteloua, Muhlenbergia), asi como liquenes y musgos, caracteristicos de vegetacion subalpina (Gonzalez Elizondo et al.
Some genera that were restricted to the Austral-Antarctic regions migrated from the south temperate zones along the Andes as they rose from the lowlands, whereas several important herbaceous genera of the Holarctic region, such as Cerastium, Hypochaeris, Draba, and Lupinus arrived to paramo along the northern migration route after formation of the Isthmus of Panama.
In Spartacus, Varinia does not kneel before the crucified Spartacus (83), and Crassus does not kill Draba (86).
In the same category, but somewhat more localised and peri-anthropic in their distribution, are the annuals Asperugo procumbens, Cardaria draba, Galium spp.
Before Bhalla another minor tributary called Bhangorgad which originates from Dasu nallah and Draba nallah and a spring called Bibrharu pani, adds to the volume of Neeru Nallah.
on Rumex crispus, Tehran, 23 October 2004; Aphis umbrella Borner on Malva sylvestris, Ahwaz, 7 March 2004; Lipaphis lepidii Nevsky on Cardaria draba, Karaj, 3 May 2003.
The P:O ratio has been used to determine the preferential reproduction mode in different species including Draba reptans (Cruden, 1977), Zingiberaceae (Wang et al.
Sand too poor, sun too weak for bigger, better blooms are good enough for Draba to produce flowers and seeds to survive.