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Synonyms for doze

Synonyms for doze

to sleep for a brief period

a brief sleep

Synonyms for doze

a light fitful sleep


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Dafydd, a student at The College Merthyr Tydfil, explained the inspiration for Doze came from his older brother, who once fell asleep on the Tube, ended up at the end of the line and had to pay PS60 to get a taxi home.
Os doze herois e protagonistas do referido mito portugues--que partilham o nome e alguns tracos identitarios com figuras historicas medievais (nomeadamente com Magrico e com Alvaro Vaz de Almada, os herois individualizados pelo episodio e protagonistas de DI)--tem sido continuamente recuperados por diversos autores, e o seu comportamento reavaliado como modelador do heroi nacional (Puga), como acontece em DI.
In Nougat, Doze Mode does the same thing, but it turns on in more situations.
The inventor has developed a prototype of the PC No Doze that has been utilized with success.
Todel buvo atlikti tyrimai, kuriu metu buvo keiciamos vandens pH vertes, dedama vienoda koagulianto doze ir tikrinama, kaip kinta organiniu junginiu koncentracija esant skirtingoms vandens pH reiksmems.
How likely are you to doze off or fall asleep in the following situations, in contrast to feeling just tired?
0 = would never doze, 1 = slight chance of dozing, 2 = moderate chance of dozing, 3 = high chance of dozing
You are to rate the chance that you would doze off or fall asleep during different routine daytime situations.
Unlike normal Drosophila, which spend 9 to 15 hours sleeping each day, minisleep flies doze only 4 to 5 hours daily.
The disorder and other non-ailment factors are believed to have caused him to doze, the airline's report said.
The report states that the disorder and other non-aliment factors are believed to have caused him to doze, reported Kyodo News.
You doze off, held safely in the arms of Mother Earth.
As in other countries, many MPs doze during the debates.
Power management software also includes doze, sleep and suspend/resume modes.
For each situation listed, use the scale below to rate the likelihood that you would doze off or fall asleep (in contrast to just feeling tired) during that activity.