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Synonyms for doze

Synonyms for doze

to sleep for a brief period

a brief sleep

Synonyms for doze

a light fitful sleep


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While the success of Doze is my main priority, I'm also using my experiences up to this point to help other young entrepreneurs, speaking at events focused on the tech sector and also engaging with other entrepreneurs to spread the message that anyone can follow their passion and fulfil their potential, even if you're only 17.
Joao I e do seu sogro John of Gaunt contra Castela, convivio que, alias, da origem ao episodio literario dos Doze de Inglaterra.
Potential licensees in the computer accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the PC No Doze on a worldwide basis.
Idejus pirmaja doze (5 mgMe/l), geriausiai spalva nyksta naudojant gelezies (III) chlorida (58 %), blogiausiai--polialiuminio oksich-lorida.
0 = would never doze, 1 = slight chance of dozing, 2 = moderate chance of dozing, 3 = high chance of dozing
0=would never doze 1=slight chance of dozing 2=moderate chance of dozing 3=high chance of dozing
As you doze, lulled by his voice, you feel a deep, warm happiness, a heart connection to everything around you.
Not only do flies sleep, evidence confirms, but they nap and doze much like people.
The Doze City Apparel launch party was a huge success
As if molded from a heart-shaped cookie cutter, the three tenuously linked stories in Doze Niu Chen-Zer's formulaic "Love" are cute, crumbly and not particularly filling.
Proceeding) A BIRMINGHAM midwife woke up from an afternoon doze to see a minibus had crashed into her back garden.
As you begin to wonder if you'll ever doze off again, rest assured that you're not alone.
Pillows or head supports are rare, and people doze in whatever they happen to be wearing.