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a woman who cohabits with an important man

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He didn't see the 57-year-old's pleasure device and William Garland of Doxy was upset that his wares were not highlighted on primetime TV.
During later conversations, according to the suit and similar complaints by independent pharmacies and grocery chains, Mylan agreed not to sell Doxy DR to CVS and the wholesaler McKesson -- sales volume worth about 30 percent of the U.S.
Here is wishing Doxy - (looks like my pen is seeking royal rebuke!) - Oba Abolarin rather, and Oduyoye, a happy birthday.
(2) I have heard frequent use," said the late Lord Sandwich, in a debate on the Test Laws, "of the words 'orthodoxy' and 'heterodoxy'; but I confess myself at a loss to know precisely what they mean." "Orthodoxy, my Lord," said Bishop Warburton, in a whisper,--"orthodoxy is my doxy; heterodoxy is another man's doxy."--Priestley: Memoirs, Vol.
The programme is a rich and varied mix of solid gold standards (There's A Boat Dat's Leavin'..., I'm A Fool To Want You), more contemporary songs (Sting and Robert Mathes' Practical Arrangement, Chris Whitley's From One Island To Another), jazz tunes (Doxy and Fred Hersch's West Virginia Rose), a Jobim (So Tinha De Ser Com Voce), a couple of originals from the band, and a couple of blue-themed ballads (Blue Gardenia, the Nat King Cole song from the film of the same name, and Blue Velvet).
Doxy cycline hyclate tolerability and compliance as daily oral malaria prophylaxis in field conditions: experience of the 10th Mountain Division (LI), OEF VII [abstract].
There were some familiar faces among the teams, like Barclays Doxy and Bell Trucks, while the organisers were happy to see teams from Nifco, Thistle Hotel, Healthy High Street Stockton and RPD Builders taking part.
He describes the standard 'free trade versus protection' dichotomy as an example of what Bordieu terms doxy or doxa, a conservative terrain of debate that pushes more important concerns from sight.
Such naming units were formed for women as strange woman, public woman, street-walker, polecat, walk-street, night-shade, hackney-woman, fling-dust, night-trader, hackney-wench, hell-moth, public commoner, night-worm, Winchester goose, stewed strumpet, laced mutton, wagtail, huckster, twigger, waistcoateer, martail, occupant, community, doxy, harlotry and, for men, love-boy and ganymedean.
With a purpose of doing theology and ministry that is "faithful to both the biblical text and the missional task" (11), Tyra warns traditional evangelicals and those of the so-called missional and emerging churches not to fall into the temptation of overreaction and overcorrection; instead, he challenges all three groups to avoid competing with one another but to be united in their commitment to forging a missional ortho doxy. In his conclusion, Tyra argues for a Christ-centered orthodoxy that enables a theologically authentic encounter with Christ.
* 5/13 Doxy Shortage * New Nutrient Guidelines * Barriers to Holistic Practices * Diabetic Alert Dogs * Canine Cognition
"I also love the Doxy Wand which is a mains powered magic wand - and I always recommend bullet vibrators."
In international trade negotiations, South Africa's positions used to reflect a "sweeping and consistent" commitment to neoliberal ortho doxy and the performance of a middle power "bridge-building" role intended to get industrialized states to be consistent in their liberal commitments and developing countries to accept industrialised countries' demands on what should be covered in the Doha Round.
Whereas Hegel's "original doxy" of Aufhebung objectifies the subject into the terror of the state (Zizek 1984, 69), for Zizek the radical intellectual taking hold of state power in order to act according to the transcendent principle of "Truth" becomes the embodiment of an abstract principle.
The Daily Mail reported, "The stand-off came after Albert Rizzi's guide dog, Doxy, became 'out of control' according to crew on the flight."