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a woman who cohabits with an important man

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5/13 Doxy Shortage * New Nutrient Guidelines * Barriers to Holistic Practices * Diabetic Alert Dogs * Canine Cognition
I also love the Doxy Wand which is a mains powered magic wand - and I always recommend bullet vibrators.
In international trade negotiations, South Africa's positions used to reflect a "sweeping and consistent" commitment to neoliberal ortho doxy and the performance of a middle power "bridge-building" role intended to get industrialized states to be consistent in their liberal commitments and developing countries to accept industrialised countries' demands on what should be covered in the Doha Round.
Besides his all too frequent use of such pejorative words as "hussy", "slut", "wench", and "whore", we have different last names for the female characters which all mean "prostitute" (5): Molly Lay, Dolly Trull, and Betty Doxy.
The Daily Mail reported, "The stand-off came after Albert Rizzi's guide dog, Doxy, became 'out of control' according to crew on the flight.
The truth is, doxy affects everyone differently, so you will not know how it affects you until you take it.
Another cavalier approach to pet ownership is evinced by Emily Cox, John Hemming's doxy, who kicked up that unholy row over her love rival and a missing kitten.
In the evening, there will be a sea shanty concert at The Blackie with Hughie Jones, Stormalong John, Trim Rig and a Doxy, Loctup Together, Bernie Davis and Travelling People.
And suddenly a vacancy like a dumbwaiter's forms in the heart's brain, infantile and forlorn, and you wish you hadn't connected to the Omaha flight in Pitt, but had gone home to the thicket of idiot-yap where you orally belong, with Lewis Carroll and your doxy, where intimate idle chatter cements the thirty-year-old bond between you.
When he married in 1964, Kirk converted to Catholicism, but before that he described himself as a "Gothic Jew," proclaiming "heterodoxy is my doxy, not orthodoxy" Postmodernism at its best has a sense of the playful, and Kirk had a lifelong playfulness about spooks and hidden powers.
Doxy (1976) as cited by Bennett (2002) identified five phases, which the host community experiences:
Black robes and pointed hats are appropriate costume for the scrumptious magic banquet of Coombly Wizards Broth, Dragon Dobs, Spirls and Cheese with Doxy Beans and Floober Wooble and Abominable Dollops.