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searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod

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Target: Glens of Foudland, Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farms
I have been teaching dowsing for eight or nine years and have only had one person who was unable to do it.
Basically, I think Choirs of the Eye perfectly embodies what I had always wanted to express in that sort of astral, mystical, higher-self argot that I have always been talking about, so with Dowsing Anemone it was time to start working with a new one.
The experiment was designed to investigate how dowsing rods move with changes in electrical conductivity.
The key to successful dowsing is to create and focus attention on a clearly worded question from the conscious mind and for the subconscious mind/body to answer using a simple tool to indicate a yes or no answer to the specific question.
Thus, the current American practice is roughly divided between rural oldsters, who treat it in non-nonsense fashion, and younger urbanite New Agers, who incorporate dowsing into a larger spiritual philosophy.
But intrigued by the challenge, he returned to Edinburgh and tried dowsing for himself.
CLEVELAND Retired Men's Association: Members were treated to a demonstration of dowsing by David and Eleanor Burke and two of their students from the British Dowsers Association.
But determined pet owners in the North East are going to great lengths to reunite furry felines with their distressed families - including the ancient practice of dowsing.
I also met up with the amazing John Flavell to confirm dates for our Dowsing Courses and demonstrations for this year.
COUNTRYSIDE: In regards to the dowsing question from Tina Burgan of Mountain c View, California, I think dowsing would i be a prime concern for all homesteaders, I finding potable water for health and irrigation, and finding lost tools, and many other applications.
ANYONE interested in dowsing can take part in a series of guided dowsing walks in Kenilworth.
THE practise of dowsing will be under the microscope at a meeting in Solihull on Thursday.
I have been measuring frequencies by dowsing for the past 20 years.