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Synonyms for dowry

Synonyms for dowry

money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage

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A few days before the wedding Berg entered the count's study early one morning and, with a pleasant smile, respectfully asked his future father-in-law to let him know what Vera's dowry would be.
But Berg, smiling pleasantly, explained that if he did not know for certain how much Vera would have and did not receive at least part of the dowry in advance, he would have to break matters off.
Let your daughter paint half a dozen pictures for me, and she shall have her dowry.
The general and his wife were aware of this agreement, and, therefore, when Totski suggested himself for one of the sisters, the parents made no doubt that one of the two elder girls would probably accept the offer, since Totski would certainly make no difficulty as to dowry.
Well, one result is to deprive the daughter of a dowry, and so leave her among the unwedded.
I want to enlighten a most problematic issue of our society through your newspaper that in Pakistani culture dowry system which is mostly refer as Jahaiz is one of the most rooted system in marriages.
Addressing a press-conference here, the Speaker said anti-dowry legislation was passed by the assembly in order to get rid of social menace of dowry in the society.
Under section 3 of the original bill, it was proposed to place ban on dowry articles either given by parents or any other family member or any other person to the bride.
Patna: A groom fled from the venue of his wedding in Bihar after the bride's family said they could not to pay the dowry of Rs300,000 (Dh17,000) he had demanded.
Summary: Banda (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb 20 (ANI): The father of a bride has allegedly attempted suicide by hanging himself after the groom cancelled the marriage over dowry.
An Indian woman had her kidney stolen by her husband and her in-laws after she failed to pay the promised dowry.
The women development department presented the Sindh Dowry Act, 2017 draft before the cabinet.
The basic aim of this orgainzation is to provide dowry to needy women and providing every kind of help to poors, including Blood dination, health care, providing education and so on.
It was probably the first event of its kind in the country as far as child marriage and dowry issues go.
The unbridled dowry system in our country is as good as violence against women, but people are least bothered about it.