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Synonyms for downturn

Synonyms for downturn

a worsening of business or economic activity


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Ford has a cash buffer of USD20bn for a potential downturn event, according to Ford North American chief financial officer Matt Fields.
Sharon Donnery called on the government to start using its financial buffers to prepare for another downturn. She asked the government to especially focus on corporation tax windfalls to create a buffer against the next possible slump.
Concerns of a recession or downturn in the markets can cause investors to reexamine their asset allocation whether it be stocks, bonds or other assets to determine if it still aligns with their specific goals and risk tolerance, Shaheen said, but investors should continue to look "long term at their investment strategies rather thanreact emotionally short term" to market downturns or recession threats.
Which brings us back to the coming downturn. Nearly all the leading economic indicators Beaulieu tracks are turning down for the U.S.
Rural coal-mining families show resilience against divorce when faced with the economic downturns common in the industry, suggests a study in the Journal of Rural Studies.
Previous studies found a link between increased suicide risk among Americans and economic downturns. So, investigators from the University of California, Los Angeles decided to examine the role alcohol plays in that association.
The 'Market Downturn' workshop, led by Alba's Chief Executive Officer, Tim Murray, aimed to discuss the challenges on the back of the significant drop in LME prices and physical premiums.
Laura Gardiner, senior policy analyst at the Resolution Foundation, said: "The West Midlands experienced a longer downturn than many other parts of the UK and it's recovery in recent years has been sluggish.
The Cyprus economy is on track to beat the projections of its international lenders, as the economic downturn in the fourth quarter of 2013 was limited to 5.3% of GDP, according to a flash estimate issued by the statistical service Cystat.
Rieger rakes up the relation of religion and economics from the perspective of a "logic of downturn." This logic has two dimensions.
No business owner wants to deal with an economic downturn, but I've found the process to be cleansing because it can force a business to become more efficient or fail.
Successfully Navigating the Downturn deserves ongoing recognition as a powerful survey teaching small business entrepreneurs how to survive the economic collapse, which brings with it dying revenues and debt.
We also like MTS which we believe is likely to continue paying high dividends given its low leverage (1.1x net debt/LTM OIBDA in 9M11), the telecom business' resilience to an economic downturn and that MTS's key shareholder, Sistema (which holds a 53% stake) needs cash to (a) service its debt (it is scheduled to repay $755mn of debt at the holding level in 2012) and (b) fund new investment opportunities.
Embraer Embraer predicts "downturn scenario" for business aviation.