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abused or oppressed by people in power

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She defended the rights of the downtrodden and bravely spoke out for the victims of violence and against discrimination on the basis of gender and religion.
Together, we all can make our society a better place if we join hands and collaborate to uplift the downtrodden around us,' he said.
The Provincial Minister said that Punjab government is making efforts for making poor and downtrodden people as useful citizen, therefore, well-to-do people should come forward and lend helping hand to the government.
The Dalits and other downtrodden people cannot be put in the list of m dmi.
I would make a plea to our shopping centres and stores to provide rest zones for we downtrodden, burdened by this festive curse.
ALAN Simpson's observation on the new bedroom tax follows a familiar pattern, namely always the poor downtrodden and always their problems.
The sexy image is a far cry from her role as downtrodden Latika in Slumdog Millionaire - covered in veils as she scavenged for food.
SO Judi Hewitt what's your defence this time for the poor downtrodden vermin known as foxes.
CDATA[ The Jewish American ultra liberal left can only identify with the downtrodden and that includes Jews.
Munda's election following Meira Kumar's election as the speaker was a reflection of "growing empowerment" of downtrodden sections of society.
The Japanese Yen scarcely survived a week of truly dismal economic data, squeezing out a marginal gain against the downtrodden US Dollar but falling sharply against every other major counterpart.
are screaming about--Israel is guilty of racism and the oppression of its downtrodden Arab population.
His award-winning portrayal of Peter Cook in 2004'sNotOnlyBut Always was spookily spot-on, and now this to-camera monologue as a downtrodden farmer desperate to free the apron strings of a domineering mother should reinforce his status of one of the best thesps around today.
How about a picture of an average working, clean-living and law-abiding Briton appearing on our coins; downtrodden, overtaxed, sick of media misinformation and tired of government?
He was "moved with compassion" for the lame, the ill, the downtrodden (Matthew 9:36).