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The first support zone is around 3,454, followed by the downtrend line from the November peak.
Against euro, the rupee assumed downtrend last week, trading in minus on Monday the euro changed hands at Rs126.
Also, causing the downtrend in prices are the strong American dollar, low energy prices, high stock levels following good harvests, and a weak growth of biofuel production.
International prices of LPG also witnessed a downtrend during this period.
8 per cent Fibonacci retracement of the long-term downtrend, which began off the January 2008 high of 2.
The uptrend indicator DMI+ edged up slightly above the downtrend indicator DMI-, while the trend strength indicator ADX is located in the middle of the scale and is going downwards, indicating completion of the downtrend and a possible turnaround in the upward trend.
However, the downtrend is reversing this year, due to more job seekers in Taiwan, higher guaranteed salary and better career training offered by insurers attracting more applicants, said industry insiders.
Exporters and automakers drew buying on the back of the yen's downtrend, with the U.
For this pattern to be significant, the market has had to be in a defined downtrend before the occurrence of this pattern.
There is nothing surprising about the recent downtrend in market demand for vinyl windows and siding.
During the malaise period, each cyclical downtrend in the business cycle was exacerbated by a stronger, secular downtrend in the econonomy.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-25 July 2002-TietoEnator continues to be affected by telecom downtrend, reports weaker profit for first half of year (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Miyazawa was referring to the recent downtrend in household spending.
An uptrend indicates to the investor to go long on the stock while a downtrend instructs the investor to short the stock.