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a transaction in the stock market at a price below the price of the preceding transaction

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As expected, the result has been a severe downtick in the value of the social cost of carbon.
On the price front, October's survey recorded a downtick in both input and output price inflation.
Director of Economic Indicators at the Conference Board Lynn Franco said in a statement: "confidence in Texas and Florida, however, decreased considerably, as these two states were the most severely impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma." "Despite the slight downtick in confidence, consumers' assessment of current conditions remains quite favorable and their expectations for the short-term suggest the economy will continue expanding at its current pace," Franco added.
Generators themselves are also, of course, increasingly connected in parallel - allowing large numbers of modestly powered models to collectively provide all the necessary for large projects sites - but with the ability to vary, or downtick, the output at any time.
For the PNC, its crime-fighting partners in the military, and the Sanchez Ceren administration, the downtick in murder numbers is proof positive that their mano dura (iron fist) practices are working.
VATICAN CITY * The Vatican's financial watchdog agency registered a threefold decrease in suspicious transactions undertaken in the city-state's financial institutions in 2016, stating in a yearly report that the downtick indicates more effective implementation of Pope Francis' reforms.
The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.9% this month, confounding expectations for a downtick to 4.8%.The report also showed that average hourly earnings rose 0.1% in August, below expectations for a 0.2% increase.
A weak reversal pattern has been established by the current downtick, which created a bearish candlestick called the Bearish Harami.
Moving down the income statement, full-year financing revenues grew 150% to $1.5 million, helping limit the decline in pretax profit to a 0.2% downtick to $300 million.
In an exclusive interview with Xinhua editor Cai Mingzhao ahead of his upcoming state visit to China scheduled for Saturday, the Russian President said the decline in the trade value between both nations was merely a temporary downtick resulting from the current market prices of certain commodities and differences in exchange rates.
"While the downtick is welcome news, it may not last as critics of the proposal have already noted that lawmakers have yet to permanently resolve the deep across-the-board cuts to defense and other federal spending called sequestration.
"The 187-decibel boom of an AT4 anti-tank weapon lasts a second, but even that ultra-brief exposure would, to an unprotected ear, mean a permanent downtick in hearing." The problem with ear protection of course is that during heavy combat being able to hear your comrades and leaders may be the difference between life and death.
A recent downtick in oil prices has produced pandemonium in those weakening currencies.
So even a slight economic uptick or downtick in the Chinese economy can move the needle on the demand for, and price of, multiple commodities.
"May's PMI survey also showed a sharp downtick in Output Prices (the component fell to an 38-month low of 48.3), potentially signalling a drop in consumer price inflation over the coming months.