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Synonyms for downswing

Synonyms for downswing

a swing downward of a golf club

a worsening of business or economic activity


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Previous studies have shown that only a small percentage (20.2-26.8%) of the energy developed by the body during the downswing is transferred to the club (Nesbit and Serrano, 2005).
The golfer said: "He was giving me grief all day, actually, and I sort of put up with it for the first 15 holes, and then he deliberately coughed on my downswing on the 16th tee.
On this measure, there have been nine complete cycles (upswing plus downswing) in the terms of trade over that period, some of which were quite brief.
If you examine the top of his backswing, he manages to hold back his upper body and arms momentarily when starting the downswing with his lower body and hips.
Our results imply a limited flexibility of labor markets in transition economies and mostly larger unemployment response in downswing than upswing regimes implying poor job growth in recoveries in all countries except for Latvia, Poland, Slovak Republic and Slovenia.
In order to strike your irons properly, it is vital that you transfer your weight onto your lead foot in the downswing, which encourages the correct, descending angle of attack into the ball.
After hovering at modestly higher levels, Tokyo stocks extended gains in the afternoon as the yen accelerated its downswing against the U.S.
Even though in financial terms, the exports are up, the sad fact remain is, that since mid-1980s, Pakistani export share in the global trade has been on the downswing. This decline in share is particularly noticeable in the case of textiles and its products.
George used state-of-the-art video analysis to demonstrate to Ross that the steepness of his back and downswing was forcing the clubface to strike the ball incorrectly - robbing him of loft.
Greek bank stocks were losing more than 4.0% on Thursday, underperforming the broader market, on wider government bond spreads and a downswing in Europe.
Imitating that casting action as a golfer involves the wrist action releasing as the primary move on the downswing.
To get the bat to come down at the right time, they need to either initiate the downswing early or increase the bat speed; but those are small adjustments to gain the extra yards.
He could just keep going with what he's got but we are working on the start of his downswing. It's mainly going over the old stuff."
We were not trying to change that, but I was focusing so much on my downswing," he said.