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a stroke normally made in a downward direction

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In addition, the upstroke and the downstroke phases of the pedal revolution should be analysed separately.
During the rapid downstroke of the antennule flick of a variety of malacostracans, the aesthetascs operate at Re's of approximately 1 ; and during the slower return stroke, the aesthetascs operate at Re's of about 0.
With the present state of knowledge it is assumed that a downstroke press, whose Traverse is moved to columns.
One result was that the muscle activation and relaxation follows a distinct pattern during flight: They tense on the downstroke and relax on the upstroke.
One such pump works on the principle of a closed loop control system along with two sensors to track the position of a piston and armature yoke which holds the piston during the upstroke, as well as the downstroke, motion.
Jim mentioned that the Ace was faster on the downstroke than the upstroke.
Now, helpless in her sickroom, Milla wills Agaat to rehearse all the letters of the alphabet containing a downstroke: p, h, f, m, n, l, t, i, j, k, and reflects: "It will take time to make clear that the downstroke is the beginning of an m and that m stands for map, that I want to see the maps of Grootmoedersdrift, the maps of my region, of my place.
13) corresponde al downstroke o golpe (remada) hacia abajo (Brown 1948): empieza con las alas del ave en vertical y terminan bajo la horizontal totalmente extendidas, como la figura 2.
The super-tangential design ensures that the rotor grips bulky scrap on the downstroke, drawing it into the knives and preventing it from bouncing on the rotor.
This feature produces a thick downstroke and a thin upstroke with infinity of gradation in between.
The further out you go, the more leverage; the closer in you go, the more speed you can impart with a single downstroke.
New control systems provide very accurate and repeatable control of all the IPJ's operating parameters, such as the number of cycles per minute, downstroke speed and length of stroke, and will have a significant impact on achieving repeatable results and making online changes to the unit, Gekko adds.
During the downstroke, the traveling valve opens, while the fixed valve at the bottom of the pump barrel closes, the pressures of plunger inner and outer cavity tend to be equal, the elastic sealing body gradually restitutes, causing clearance between pump barrel and plunger, making the downstroke resistance to be zero, and guaranteeing liquid lubrication to prolong the life of pump.
The struck touch in the alternate finger strikes resulted in higher movement paths of the thumb and little finger indicating that gravity was assisting the downstroke.
I have little trouble balancing a bike, and the lack of muscle control that makes it hard to lift my right leg up when I'm walking does not get in the way of riding because the downstroke of my left leg lifts my right leg up.