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Budgetary proposals that are based on manipulated figures and faulty assumptions is fated to accelerate economic downslide and increase frustration, he said.
This report provides some interesting perspectives on how India should take the current downslide in oil prices to strategically invest in alternate energy sources such as Solar, Wind, etc.
During the period as many as 812 motorbikes were registered, posting a downslide of 30.
Russia's economy has been in a downslide since 2014, in part because of crippling sanctions from both the United States and the European Union.
Summary: With the continuing downslide of inflation, the central and state
It's spectacular victory has now given a new lease of hope to the party that Kejriwal in the longer run may emerge as a viable alternative to Modi himself at the national level considering the continue downslide of the erstwhile ruling Congress party with each elections.
I went to Forest at the top end when they were slightly on the downslide in terms of winning European trophies, so whether that was the norm before then I don't know.
The BSE Sensex resumed better but fell back and continued its downslide on sustained heavy selling to settle at three-week low of 26,492.
Patil said that the rise in rape cases is the result of a downslide in moral values.
According to Meralco, for this month's generation charge's downslide, it was primarily driven by lower cost of power sourced from its suppliers, including contracted independent power producers (IPPs) and its power supply agreements.
It seems that professor (Allan) Wolper, in his somewhat misguided attempt to define newspaper ethics ("Journalists Shouldn't Play Endorsement Game," November 2013), has succumbed to the very hand-wringing, offend-no-one stance that got the printed media into its readership downslide in the first place.
The list now also includes Samsung and HTC, who are both facing similar problems and their shares are seeing a downslide.
50 and the potential change from the previous close is expected to be a downslide of 4.
The downslide in the economy had forced tourists to forego destinations including Clearwater and the rest of the Tampa Bay area.
According to a report in The Economic Times, global marketing information services company JD Power has stated that the car sales in India may be on a downslide at present but the total automobile market size will triple to 9.