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the reduction of expenditures in order to become financially stable

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Downsizing and related reforms have been important for local governments since the late 1970s, when they experienced the challenges of resource limitations (e.
The purpose of this study is to understand the implementation of downsizing reforms in county governments in the United States (U.
Norwegian scientists dazzle the world with the results of a downsizing experiment.
To assist Dallas/Fort Worth seniors and their families in dealing with the complexities involved in these types of moves, Senior Downsizing Experts will present a "lunch and learn" seminar entitled "Downsizing Made Easy" at Atria at Hometown on Thursday, November 10 at 11:30am.
The moving process is complicated for anyone," says Ingrid Sullivan of Senior Downsizing Experts.
The report, titled the Downsizing Delusion, estimated the income that people who downsize may expect to generate from swapping an average detached home for a typical semi-detached property.
Scots will see a greater benefit from downsizing than others around the UK, with the UK average growth being 2%, or GBP1,616, which allows those in Scotland to realise a greater benefit from the move.
Downsizing is your chance to have a thorough spring clean and focus on exactly what you want in your new home Set up your utilities as soon as possible check with your estate agent and obtain details of the previous utility providers so you can call them to set up new accounts.
Despite its pervasiveness, the number of academic journal articles devoted to organizational downsizing remains relatively limited and the literature is fragmented (Datta et at.
Although a major goal of downsizing is to improve productivity, Bommer and Jalajas (1999) found that less than half of the firms in which jobs were eliminated reported either a short- or long-term improvement in worker productivity.
This study provides a mean to academicians, researchers, and policy makers to understand the influence of downsizing and its extent on survivors' selected attitudes in secondary and tertiary economy sectors of developing countries.
Brian Moynihan, CEO, said that the bank is largely done with downsizing its investment bank.
Our study shows that the imitation effect is important to explain companies' adoption of downsizing.
According to many financial publications, the announcements of downsizing actions are met with positive responses by investors (1) (Bleakley, 1995; Downs, 1995; Fefer, 1994; Lesly & Light, 1992; Seglin, 1996).
Alas, memories of feeling cheated last a long time, and the practice of downsizing to maintain price points has contributed to long-term erosion of brand trust and loyalty.