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Synonyms for downright

Synonyms for downright

Synonyms for downright

characterized by plain blunt honesty

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complete and without restriction or qualification


References in classic literature ?
That having quietly acquiesced in what was of so much greater importance, it was absurd, if not downright hypocrisy, to affect any qualms at this trifle.
I am brimful of downright questions; and I expect you to be brimful of downright answers.
All the rest was weakness--sheer weakness; and it is the unhappy lot of thoroughly weak men, that their very sympathies, affections, confidences--all the qualities which in better constituted minds are virtues--dwindle into foibles, or turn into downright vices.
I mean to put him to a downright good school at Midsummer.
It was considered effortless, thoughtless and downright lazy.
Indiscriminate parKing outside schools can not only cause inconvenience to others but can be downright dangerous.
CARL FROCH claims he could end the career of the "arrogant, cheeky, disrespectful, downright rude" George Groves this weekend.
FRANKFURT, December 28, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The German economy is starting the new year in downright robust form, Economy Minister Philipp Roesler said in a newspaper interview Tuesday.
In reality, it is downright dull as your 3D character plods through a series of challenges that are exciting to watch on TV - but boring to tackle on the screen.
People who support killing animals for fun are either stupid and ignorant or else downright evil.
Taking a hard line, I would say they're downright idiotic.
THE GOD DELUSION is a hard-hitting attack on religious thinking so you might be surprised to find it reviewed under 'Spirituality': in fact it's a book both atheists and spiritualists should read and consider: it examines concepts of God in all his forms throughout history and considers which aspects of belief are downright dangerous.
There are also instrumentals: King shines on the electronica-tinged "Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers," while "Ahuvati" is downright cinematic with its ripples of Spanish guitar and wall of strings.
Productions of this play can be downright magical, heavy on the comedy, sexed up (often weirdly) or downright sinister.
Sometimes, they are downright contrary to the teachings of the Church.