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the first beat of a musical measure (as the conductor's arm moves downward)

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* YRC Worldwide Inc.(NASDAQ: YRCW) dipped 23.1% to $2.7158 following downbeat Q2 results.
"They shouldn't be downbeat and they gave it their all and you don't always get what you want."
Megan is downbeat after not getting answers from the health visitor EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm PHIL seems to be in a good mood for once, enjoying the darts match at The Vic.
Asian shares eked out modest gains on Wednesday, as investors remained cautious after downbeat data from China and Japan and as the crisis in Ukraine threatened a fragile economic recovery in Europe.
I'm sure most would have taken that at the start of the season, so why be downbeat about it now?
People aged between 55-64, working in the public sector, or living in Wales are the most likely to be downbeat about their prospects - those in south west England were the least negative, followed by families in Scotland.
Emirates NBD releases downbeat assessment of global economy.
It's a rather downbeat tale involving a novelist living in London during the Second World War who begins a passionate affair with the wife of a high-ranking civil servant, but is left devastated when she calls off their illicit romance.
Summary: Ken Clarke has delivered a downbeat assessment of the UK's economic prospects, warning that a "double dip" was still a real possibility.
"In fairness, I tended to try and be a little downbeat and play things down.
Downbeat Ask him whether he sees himself triumphing for a fourth time and the answer is typical downbeat O'Sullivan.
But Moody's says expectations of a negligible 2010 budget deficit combined with predictions of a jobless rate below 10% will see the EU newcomer even less downbeat than super-rich Switzerland next year, where real economy indicators have fared far better than the European average.
The study's author, Allianz's Dr Michael Heise, told Europolitics that it was no surprise the Commission was being downbeat. "It's quite characteristic that the official forecasts in this cycle are more downbeat [ ] They are being very careful.
In contrast to 2008's explosive The Renaissance, this is a far more low-fi and downbeat affair.
Medical Stock Spotlight: In a generally downbeat week for equities, the medical sector wasn't spared some serious knocks.