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Synonyms for down-at-heel



Synonyms for down-at-heel

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When she enlists old [euro]ame and down-at-heel editor Jeff to publish the book, she unwittingly draws him into a nail-biting race around Manhattan and beyond.
MARK Ruffalo is a jaded and just-sacked A&R man whose passion for music is reignited when he spots folkstress Greta (Keira Knightley) strumming sweet, unpretentious tunes in a down-at-heel bar.
A Star Ferry across Hong Kong Harbour to catch the cheap but delicious Chinese food stalls in bustling and down-at-heel Kowloon.
A number of areas in the region are looking particularly down-at-heel and any initiative to counter this is to be welcomed.
Thanks to its previous incarnation as the Allerton House, a residential hotel for slightly down-at-heel gentlemen, The Pod 39 inherits a vast ground-floor lobby that is being reconfigured to create distinct public spaces.
was a tale with a happy ending about a down-at-heel farm.
With local council help, a 300-metre red light area was set up in the city's down-at-heel Ravensburger Street.
He played the down-at-heel, disaffected Cockney with a crude - but not smutty - charm, intertwining tonguein-cheek misogyny with recitations of Eric Clapton lyrics.
Similar in its love of 1950s schlock movies to The Rocky Horror Show, it's about the strange happenings in a down-at-heel florist shop.
On his recent trip to London, the 'Mr and Mrs Smith' star preferred to shun celeb haunts like The Ivy and Soho House for a peaceful boozy afternoon at a small, down-at-heel Soho pub.
Rampant India's supremacy over down-at-heel England can be bought at 32 with Sporting, while the firm's total sixes quote of 9-9.
The MP said over the years the sign has been the subject of much negative media attention and perpetuated an image of Rhyl as down-at-heel and impoverished.
Down-at-heel boozers where sad men drink themselves into oblivion are certainly no place for children, and perhaps that's what Wetherspoon pubs aspire to be.
But even the down-at-heel seemed pleasant in this city.
Louis Malle's eponymous 1980 film evinced a more gritty European verite, capturing a bittersweet sense of melancholic despair and a down-at-heel town living on past glories.