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Synonyms for dovetail

Synonyms for dovetail

to conform to another, especially in size and shape


Synonyms for dovetail

a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises

fit together tightly, as if by means of a dovetail

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Efficiency" may be in the service of horrifically immoral goals; the decisions that may be dovetailing with one another may be morally abhorrent decisions.
The SE-1-15AF has an automatic feed cutter for dovetailing English dovetails on 1-in.
The Agribusiness Forum Committee tackled a big challenge this year as the timing of that event was moved to mid-November and involved dovetailing the forum with the NAFB annual convention.
This article takes a comparative and transnational approach to a key phenomenon of the late-20th century: the dovetailing of music-based youth subcultures with radical politics.
Their topics included preparation of the performer, career opportunities, the dovetailing of academic and dance programs, the changing student body, the effect of budget cuts, and the lure of materialism away from the arts that is exerted over male students.