dovetail joint

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a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises

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Table 2.--Joint areas of A (joint) and B (conjugate) composites in dovetail joint. Angle type Area measured ([mm.sup.2]) 75[degrees] 3.684.10 78[degrees] 3.567.72 81[degrees] 3.462.03 84[degrees] 3,364.64 87[degrees] 3.275.93 Table 3.--Multiple variance analysis results.
Both are alert to new possibilities and both are, in his sense, in the business of forging new dovetail joints and thus coordinating economic activity.
I would rather have learned how to make a good meat pie than a crap dovetail joint.
We may not be able to make a perfect dovetail joint, but particularly after the advent of power tools, carpentry seems to be available to everybody.
By using a combination of a specially designed profile insert router bit and standard straight tooling, you can make a true male/ female style dovetail joint while machining all pieces laying fiat on the table.
The design and technology lesson went down particularly well, especially when teacher Mr Daniel said they would be making a joint - a dovetail joint.
"Every dovetail joint was done by hand; all sandpapering was by hand.
"The dovetail joint has found a place in mass production," he said.
Bobby, the founder of Dovetail Joints and House of Blah Blah, explained the project's ethos is to showcase international artists in Middlesbrough alongside celebrating the best creative talent the North has to offer.
The solid oak drawers are dovetail jointed and run on soft-close runners, a tall section incorporates a large, America-style fridge, a pull-out larder and a built-in microwave and a double Belfast sink that has instant, boiling water from the tap.
Windsor cabinets have since become a design classic, made using traditional craft techniques, featuring oval wooden handles and displayed dovetail joints. These marked a move from the dark, heavy, ornate pieces seen in previous years and were both functional and unpretentious.
The Large Romana Sideboard is also full of crafted detailing with smooth, curved drawer pulls and dovetail joints. Soft-close drawers and doors highlight the quality of design, which nods to Ercol's mid-century heritage, yet has a contemporary feel of its own.
Dovetail joints secure the corners of the table's curved-front drawer.
He would trim each upright length perfectly to size andthen handsaw the box dovetail joints for each corner using the miterbox.