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  • adj

Synonyms for dour

Synonyms for dour

cold and forbidding

broodingly and sullenly unhappy

Synonyms for dour

harshly uninviting or formidable in manner or appearance

Related Words

showing a brooding ill humor

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Hawks' sixth-form joking and fine comic touches make even the dourest of situations side-splitting.
The show of confidence and connectedness is enough to make all but the dourest rationalist, empiricist, or pragmatist wonder if there might not be something to this confident defiance of conventional wisdom.
This paper examines the case of 'evaluation research' in the criminal justice area and attempts to inject some strategic thinking into this, the dourest, most matter-of-fact corner of the literature.
Sometimes the dourest sorts can be your biggest supporters and love working with you, they just don't tell their face.
There's nothing funny about street clashes, soccer riots, body counts and cynical political maneuvering; or about the fact that Egypt's dourest citizens have risen so loudly to the fore.
WHEN Tony Blair engineered his downfall, by plunging us into the Iraq war, he was replaced by the dourest politician since John Major.
Even the dourest of couples cannot fail to escape from such a session without skipping down the street, roaring with laughter like naughty teenagers.
London narrowly missed being last on the list, as Wales was deemed to have the dourest population.
It is odd that Gordon Brown, who gives every impression of being the dourest of Chancellors, should have presided over an explosion in legalised gambling.
It would be great to see Angelina's glamour on the dourest of our soaps, but can you imagine the look on Dot's face when faced with Angelina's dirty hot pants in the launderette.
Unfortunately for them, one of Europe's dourest nations paid the price for this previously unseen adventurous streak, and lost the fixture.
EVERTON and Sheffield United are two of the dourest teams in the Premiership and their clash at Goodison Park this afternoon is unlikely to be a classic.
Kyros Walker's photographs link these events in Coleridge's travels and they are very fine showing coloured panoramas of lochs and shore edges, along with the dourest of Scottish architecture.
Saints manager Paul Sturrock took great offence when it was suggested the Perth side were one of the dourest in the Scottish top-flight last term.
Failing to get past the Champions League group stage or Reading in the third round of the FA Cup, playing the dourest football since Gerard Houllier's dog days, while mired in a relentless civil war, says a bit more.