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sorghums of dry regions of Asia and North Africa

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Two bombs also went off in a crowded market in a separate, mostly Christian area in Doura, killing another ten people, police and medics said.
Six more people were killed and 28 others were wounded when three improvised explosive devices went off near a restaurant in the Mahdiya neighborhood in Doura, police said.
Se tuvo que admitir la rapacidad a la que han estado expuestos los sitios de Mari, Doura Europos, Apamea y Gebel al-Woastani en la region de Idlib, considerada patrimonio cultural de la humanidad.
Meanwhile, Israeli troops arrested a Palestinian from Doura village south of Hebron, and another from Beit Ummer.
The first blast occurred in the southern Baghdad district of Doura about 30 minutes before the other three.
Doura Society beat Zaytounah (3-1), and Abu Zraiq defeated Mulawah Link (3-0) during the opening matches held at Youth Park.
In the Doura district of southern Baghdad, a suicide bomber struck at a crowded market killing 12 people and wounding 25 others, police said.
The men were planning to blow up what would have been the eighth car bomb of the day on April 6 when police found them in Baghdad's southern Doura district, he said.
I call upon those who left to come back and start a new life and work to rebuild the churches that were destroyed by terrorism," Ramzi Kourkis, who lives in the Al Doura neighbourhood in southern Baghdad, told Gulf News.
Shi'ite Naseer Al Saidi, 52, who works for the Ministry of Industry, let his home to a friend when he fled the mainly Sunni Doura district for the southern Nassiriya city.
His discussion of archaeological work at Doura Europos should serve as a solid model for presenting any archaeological dispute in a balanced way (156-169).
Other companies, like a heavy engineering business called Nasco, have been damaged less severely but have different problems: Nasco is in Doura, now one of the deadliest districts in Baghdad.
The bloodshed began when a bomber entered the vestibule of al-Khadimain mosque in the Iraqi capital's Doura district as worshippers inside knelt in prayer before detonating his explosives.
The interior ministry said gunmen opened fire on his car in the southern Doura neighbourhood.
Interior Ministry spokesman Colonel Adnan Abdul-Rahman said Mr Kamil was killed when gunmen opened fire on his car in the southern Doura neighbourhood.