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Synonyms for doughnut

a toroidal shape

a small ring-shaped friedcake

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Why, she untied the raven and confiscated him by force and fetched him home, and left the doughnuts and things on the ground.
The participants in it, instead of freighting an ungainly steam ferry--boat with youth and beauty and pies and doughnuts, and paddling up some obscure creek to disembark upon a grassy lawn and wear themselves out with a long summer day's laborious frolicking under the impression that it was fun, were to sail away in a great steamship with flags flying and cannon pealing, and take a royal holiday beyond the broad ocean in many a strange clime and in many a land renowned in history
At a table he sat and consumed beefsteak, flapjacks, doughnuts and pie.
And we had fruit cake and pound cake and doughnuts and two kinds of preserves, Marilla.
She set the lamp on the table, and he saw that it was carefully laid for supper, with fresh doughnuts, stewed blueberries and his favourite pickles in a dish of gay red glass.
Ah' when he gets back to Milpitas, or Sleepy Hollow, or wherever he hangs out, an' tells how the boys does things in Oakland, it's dollars to doughnuts they won't be a rube in his district that'd come to town to drive if they offered ten dollars an hour.
Doughnut fans can look forward to a new shop opening in the location of the defunct Roll-N-Donut in Elgin.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 5, 2017-American Express, Delta Air Lines launch summer doughnut offer
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 5, 2017-American Express, Delta Air Lines launch summer doughnut offer
Friday's national doughnut day and what better way to celebrate everyone's favorite baked or fried (http://www.
The two most common types of doughnuts are the toroidal ring donut and the filled doughnut.
Former LFC stars Dietmar Hamann and Phil Babb were on hand to help greet the city's sweet-toothed with the first 250 through the door getting a free doughnut for a month.
From Almond Doughnut Holes with Cherry Dipping Sauce, to Boston Cream Doughnuts, Baked Gluten-Free Chocolate Doughnuts with Butterscotch Glaze, Sticky Toffee Pudding Doughnuts, Banana Cream Pie Doughnuts and much more, Doughnuts
Readi-Bake, has launched an innovative new range of sticky doughnuts into the finished doughnut market following an increase in demand for ring doughnuts.
So we've gathered a gaggle of ideas -- vampire doughnuts, candied apple skulls, goblet graves and doughnut spiders -- from Matthew Mead's new book, ''Halloween Spooktacular,'' for setting a spooky tone for your Halloween table without setting you back.