doubting Thomas

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Synonyms for doubting Thomas

one who habitually or instinctively doubts or questions

Synonyms for doubting Thomas

the Apostle who would not believe the resurrection of Jesus until he saw Jesus with his own eyes

someone who demands physical evidence in order to be convinced (especially when this demand is out of place)

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Then abruptly, the road to Utopia is blocked by a tractor belonging to the movie's resident Doubting Thomas (Cane regular Donald Pilon).
However, even a doubting Thomas such as himself has become convinced that pulmonary rehabilitation is an invaluable therapeutic tool in helping patients with COPD achieve better lung function (Chest 117[4]:929-31, 1, 2000).
I was pretty much of a doubting Thomas," Maxwell remembers, and he wanted to see what happens in the wild.
As a life-long shooter, police officer, teacher and all around squinty-eyed doubting Thomas, I worked my way through this CD trying hard to find fault.
Doubting Thomas, on the other hand, required evidence.
Because he did not believe in the Resurrection until Jesus appeared to him (John 20:24 - 29), he was called " doubting Thomas " in popular accounts.
However, compare this to the number of people who will benefit from statins-in terms of reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, sudden cardiac death and all-cause death-and any doubting Thomas would be convinced that the benefits of statins far outweigh their potential risk of side effects.
NO DOUBTING THOMAS Portadown's Thomas Tallon gets up to head the ball clear of Joel O'Neill of Ballyclare on Saturday
Keith Woodward by email Archbishop is a Doubting Thomas DURING a heartfelt sermon he made on Good Friday, the Archbishop of Canterbury described God as "the only reality" while talking about the 31 innocent men and women murdered by Islamic terrorists in Brussels.
No doubting Thomas There weren't any likely Cheltenham Festival candidates on view, but there was a relation to one for Trust Thomas, who took the 1m71/2f handicap chase, is a half-brother to Neptune favourite Yanworth.
In the early Dandy comic, along with Desperate Dan and Korky the Cat, there was a character called Doubting Thomas.
Philip Harding, via email I ALSO shouted "Clive Thomas" as I watched from the Crosender Road end when Marine took on North Ferriby at Rossett Park the other week (re David Prentice, Another Doubting Thomas, Friday, April 16).
My doubting Thomas head says they are second favourites in a two-horse race with Biarritz.
Adding that they are satisfied with used stand styles and information provided for the first time in history of the south, therefore challenge any doubting Thomas to come for cross checking at Rumbek census office of southern Sudan.