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Synonyms for doubtfully

Synonyms for doubtfully

in a doubtful manner


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When Zarathustra had spoken these words, he paused, like one who had not said his last word; and long did he balance the staff doubtfully in his hand.
Doubtfully, one could also figure out that the Woodstock organizers are trying to minimize their legal liability, anticipating an onslaught of lawsuits to come.
But to succeed, Brigadier Mohammed and his team must entertain no illusions as to their instant and transitional role in the affairs of our great country: it is to get us quickly through the long, dark, and dreary tunnel in which we had trudged, doubtfully, painfully, but with recurring faith in an ultimate relief, during the past nine years.
Okara University has un doubtfully played a significant role in giving the city new dimensions for its rising upward trend.
While impressive, especially for a political novice, this achievement will doubtfully produce victory.
My acquaintance looked at her doubtfully. Then he turned the lasers on me.
Unless you're a glutton for punishment, you'll doubtfully enjoy mixing that much cement yourself.
The first few cars that we handed the fruits to looked at us doubtfully.
The preliminary interviews of the candidate Cyan were not conducted by board as per Rules, Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan, former adviser to Prime Minister on Aviation doubtfully attended the interviewing process of the candidates as Cyan had worked with Mehtab in KP when he was chief minister, which is non compliance of PSC (CG) Rules 2015.
Then it's down to the lake, which is full of people having fun in boats, and on to the packed play area, which boasts some long gone apparatus which would doubtfully meet today's health and safety standards.
As Motherhood's protagonist accepts that "[h]aving a child reflexively or not having one doubtfully are equal lives," she also begins a course of antidepressants.
It all started with a question: "Isn't she supposed to be wearing blue?" This from a woman peering doubtfully at a Byzantine icon of Mary dressed in a shade of red normally reserved for Academy Award nominees preening on the Oscars' famed carpet.
These poems are fragments of perception, doubtfully accurate, perhaps trustworthy--a medium in which grief can become a god, the end of the world is a garment to be worn hidden beneath a button-down shirt, the way that hope can twist reality into the shape of desires object.
"These apeople are amad," she muttered, and the belief was further confirmed when, doubtfully sending Gwyn and the van out to a cold autumn fairground, it was found that the sales of ice creams, on that frosty day, didn't flinch.