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Synonyms for doubt

Synonyms for doubt

to be uncertain, disbelieving, or skeptical about

to lack trust or confidence in

Synonyms for doubt

uncertainty about the truth or factuality or existence of something

consider unlikely or have doubts about

Related Words

lack confidence in or have doubts about

References in classic literature ?
This elevated the man-animal very much in my esteem, and in fact, I now began to feel ashamed of the contemptuous familiarity with which I had treated him; for I found that the man-animals in general were a nation of the most powerful magicians, who lived with worms in their brain, which, no doubt, served to stimulate them by their painful writhings and wrigglings to the most miraculous efforts of imagination!'"
"I have my doubts," rejoined the king; "but, pray, be so good as to go on with the story."
It is philosophical, doubtless, and a duty to the intellect to recognize our doubts, [68] to locate them, perhaps to give them practical effect.
(22.) See Note, Reasonable Doubt: An Argument, supra note 20, at 1958-59.
Punishment can not be awarded on the basis of doubt. The benefit of doubt always goes to the accused.
Neville, who also said defender Millie Bright is also a doubt through illness, watched Houghton train on the eve of the game and will make a final decision ahead of kick-off.
But the word doubt does not appear in our Gospel today go back to the English translation read in Catholic Masses today (from the New American Bible), and see for yourself.
In 1987, the Pew Research Center asked the public to respond to a simple statement about God that they could either agree or disagree with: "I never doubt the existence of God." (6) (See Table 1.) Importantly, Pew allowed respondents the option to agree or disagree completely with the statement or only mostly.
Silva was impressed with how the young right-back played on the opposite flank, and has explained exactly why he would have no doubts over the 21-year-old doing the same again if Baines is injured for the visit of Wolves.
Where there is any doubt in the prosecution story, benefit should be given to the accused, which is quite consistent with the safe administration of criminal justice' the judgment said.
Thus, the onus rested on the prosecution to prove guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt throughout the trial.
Doubt and faith, on first examination, exist in opposition to one another, but they are really synergistic.
I hate the anxiety that accompanies doubt, but the fact that our doubts bother us means that deep down we really do believe.
When fear and doubt crowd hope out, as people of faith we have to keep saying to ourselves that God will make a way.
In fact, it is said that at the Garden of Gethsemane, when he implored the father to take that cup away from him, he was not talking about the cup of suffering he was agonising about the seeds of doubt that Satan was trying to implant into him that there was no heaven, that there was no God, that all that suffering was in vain.The sanctimonious preachers would have us believe that those who doubt are bereft of faith.