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(bridge) a pair of playing cards that are the only cards in their suit in the hand dealt to a player

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From all species recorded, 35 were singletons (21 % of all species) and 13 were doubletons (8% of all species).
of specimens 777 805 301 Observed richness 87 76 41 Number of singletons 19 18 8 Number of doubletons 11 7 5 Chao1 103 99 73 Jacknife2 108 98 60 % Completeness 84 77 56 Riparian Swamp Grassland Forest Regional No.
Under a moment condition, it is shown that the asymptotics of the sequence of occupancy numbers, and of the small-parts counts (singletons, doubletons, etc) can be read off from a limiting model involving a unit Poisson point process and a self-similar renewal process on the half-line.
Abundances of species unique to one trap design were very low, mainly singletons and doubletons.
obs] is the number of species observed; a is the number of singletons and b is the number of doubletons.