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(bridge) a pair of playing cards that are the only cards in their suit in the hand dealt to a player

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En cuanto a los singletons y doubletons, estos solo se cruzaron para el bosque; caso contrario a lo ocurrido en los sistemas productivos que solo estuvieron proximos a hacerlo (Figura 2).
By contrast, the Chao 1 estimator is a function of the ratio between singletons and doubletons.
Furthermore, by throwing out all but the min and max of each block, and applying standardization map, we obtain a set partition [sigma] of [f + 2k] with exactly f singletons and k doubletons.
The values of Sobs and of Chao 1 were very similar and the expected number of species curve and the curve of doubletons were asymptotic, and the curve of singletons tended to decrease.
Besides singletons and doubletons, the Abundance-based Coverage Estimator (ACE) (Chao et al.
Singletons and doubletons represented 34% and 13%, correspondingly.
From all species recorded, 35 were singletons (21 % of all species) and 13 were doubletons (8% of all species).
Claudia: I could take the empty set, then I could look at all the singletons, then I could look at all the doubletons, is that the right?
Under a moment condition, it is shown that the asymptotics of the sequence of occupancy numbers, and of the small-parts counts (singletons, doubletons, etc) can be read off from a limiting model involving a unit Poisson point process and a self-similar renewal process on the half-line.
La representacion de la curva de acumulacion de especies de insectos con respecto al numero de hongos colectados, las estimas para ACE, ICE, Chaol y el comportamiento de las curvas de singletons (unicos) y Doubletons (duplicados) se modelan graficamente en la figura 2.
Curva de acumulacion de especies del area de bosque (A), sistema silvopastoril (B), area de mineria (C) y (D) acumulado en el paisaje, usando los estimadores Jacknife 1, Jacknife 2, Bootstrap, Singletons y Doubletons.
2] / 2b), where Spobs is the observed species richness, a is the number of singletons (species with one individual) and b the number of doubletons (species with two individuals), using 100 randomizations.
Abundances of species unique to one trap design were very low, mainly singletons and doubletons.
The Chao1 analysis estimates the minimum total number of species present based on the frequency of rare species collected, in particular the relative numbers of singletons (1 individual of a species collected) and doubletons (2 individuals of a species collected) (Chao et al.