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(of a marching cadence) very quick

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INGLEBY Barwick received a double boost - and in double-quick time.
Illingworth revealed: "Alan's never rested since season's end and worked miraculously well to come up with the seven who will represent us for next season in double-quick time.
The innovative aqua suit has been designed by Terry Nelson and has previously helped Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo back from injury in double-quick time and is expected to help the Man-U squad an edge this season.
KIRKWOOD raced to a ninewicket win in the North East Midweek League as they chased down Old Record Players' 52 all out in double-quick time.
Amazingly, the Portuguese has scored three in double-quick time before - 12 minutes against Levante and 15 minutes against Malaga.
My cheerful server dished up a pounds 1.10 cone in double-quick time, but missed a trick by not asking me if I'd like a somersault with my vinegar.
Both Double-Quick projects are helping secure a five-year loan of $1.6 million backing a 0.66-acre parking lot development in downtown Little Rock owned by 207 West 3rd Development LLC, Sam Alley and Greg Hatcher.
Faf du Plessis (66 not out) joined the skipper at the crease and the pair's unbroken 129 secured victory for South Africa in double-quick time.
I'm sure the injured Rooney went off to Dubai hoping United would need him back fit in double-quick time.
APPRENTICE Lloyd Holroyd has achieved success in double-quick time.
Arthur, who will fight for the first time at the MEN Arena on Saturday night since earning full champion status, rubbished claims he had promised to floor Cook in double-quick time.
Colwyn Bay produced the perfect riposte after being bowled out for 88 the previous week by blitzing danger side Ormskirk on their own ground for a six-wicket victory in double-quick time in their Premier Division clash.
It means RSSL will be able to offer a UKAS accredited service for new allergens in double-quick time.
But if the people I work for knew I was gay, I'd be on the other side of that door--and double-quick."
suppressed by the Jacobean peace"; and this when Browne himself seems simply intent on elaborating one of his characteristic comparisons and sighing a lost lover's Golden Hind around the globe double-quick without chance of landfall, let alone risk of running--as Drake did--aground (Britannia's Pastorals, 3.1.510-17).