double-hung window

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a window having two sashes that slide up and down

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For projects that demand extra attention to detail and the warmth of natural wood, the Woodwright double-hung window is the perfect fit.
GLIDING Also known as a sliding window, a glider is essentially a double-hung window on its side.
It isn't practical to motorize double-hung windows.
Pella recently introduced this option on its ProLine[R] double-hung windows.
The sill of a double-hung window is of heavier stock and slopes to shed water to the outside.
The new Andersen[R] Woodwright[R] double-hung window delivers traditional styling that incorporates the latest technology and performance benefits.
The Andersen' Woodwright[R] double-hung window seemed the perfect fit, tying together the new addition with the existing structure.
When opening windows for ventilation, open those that a child cannot reach, like the top sash on a double-hung window.
Investigators said the vinyl-clad, double-hung window from which the toddler fell was not locked and had no screen on it.
Many double-hung window locks are easy to open from the outside with a simple table knife, and the locks are held on with tiny screws that pop right out when a pry bar is used to force open the sash.
Closets and cabinets frame the doorway opposite--only 12 feet from original double-hung window
Double-Hung Window Andersen 400 Series delivers the classic Andersen blend of engineering, beauty and craftsmanship with the widest variety of options.
Imagine this: You're taking one of your wood double-hung window sashes out of its frame when suddenly and violently, the spring-loaded balance releases and snaps up into the vinyl iamb liner.
We repaired the sill on a double-hung window, but you can adapt these techniques to other window types.
Tempered glass in a double-hung window costs about $50 more than regular glass.