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The necessary dash of double-dyed villainy comes from Geoffrey Rush as the diabolical Captain Barbossa, whose task is to shiver our timbers with his over-acting.
If he keeps her on as mistress of his bedchamber, without marriage or title, he's a double-dyed hypocrite.
We're prepared to turn a blind eye to the fact that a would-be MP is a self- confessed double-dyed scoundrel
Naturally, there is an enigmatic girl called Yelena (Asia Argento), who is kept busy pouting and putting the boot in, not to mention a double-dyed villain (Marton Csokas) with plans to destroy the world so that anarchy can take over.
Sandstorms, treasure, double-dyed villains, a beautiful girl in riding breeches - you wouldn't be at all surprised if Rudolph Valentino galloped past.
I suppose the simplicity of storyline and characterisation is deliberate, with its blackand-white tale of good and evil, nice guy, pretty girl next door and a double-dyed villain to keep everyone on their toes.
No Bond film is complete without a double-dyed villain and beautiful Sophie Marceau proves that the female of the species is more deadly than the male, turning the world upside down with a sexy, seductive smile on her face.
But every romance of either school needs a villain and they don't come much more double-dyed than factory boss Luther Kenton.
This one has everything - hero and heroine disguising themselves as travelling players, a double-dyed villain and a gang of masked thugs, a beautiful lady locked away in a gloomy tower, exciting duels, breathless chases and gorgeous costumes.