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Hong Kong's worst road traffic accident occurred in 2003 when a double-decker bus collided with a truck and plunged from a bridge, killing 21 people.
We responded to reports of a bus vs bridge in south birmingham, upon arrival a double-decker bus had gone through a bridge.
As the HS2 plans envisage 18 trains per hour per direction calling at an intermediate stop (Old Oak Common) with limited numbers of platforms, I would be interested to see how a double-decker train might be designed to meet the required dwell time.
Double-decker buses are operating from Qaddhafi Stadium to Minar-e-Pakistan.
If politicians need another prompt, double-decker motorways could also greatly help reduce road traffic collisions.
He also travelled by double-decker bus and responded to the slogans of the students and the people by waving his hand.
when a tow truck belonging to Crockett Interstate Towing was in the process of recovering a disabled 1986 Ley land Olympian double-decker bus on the northbound shoulder of I-5, police said.
Gist Limited has added another 20 lifting floor, double-decker, 44-pallet trailers to their temperature-controlled fleet.
QWHAT happened to the red double-decker driven by Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday?
Summary: A double-decker bus has had it's top ripped off after crashing into a low railway bridge in Essex.
More often seen speeding past Trafalgar Square, British-style double-decker buses are making a comeback in Baghdad, the latest sign that Iraq's capital is on the road to recovery after years of war and sanctions.
A SCHOOL bus driver who injured 12 students when he crashed his double-decker vehicle into a bridge has been spared jail.
CAIRO - London is famous for its red, double-decker buses, but then again Alexandria is famous for its double-decker trams.
EIGHTEEN commuters were injured yesterday when the entire roof of a double-decker bus was torn off after it hit a tree.
Double-decker elevators are generally used in tall towers to improve efficiency and bring down energy consumption.