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a person who says one thing and does another

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Sure, he provided good intelligence on his trading partners in Havana, but he was also a double-dealer who was passing Fidel Castro who-knew-howmany secrets of ours.
Sunday People can reveal today that the man pictured is a notorious double-dealer behind a string of amazing hoaxes.
It is Sir Walter Scott, however, who emerges as the real double-dealer, not only commandeering Jacobite symbolism for a Hanoverian monarch in 1822, but also through his fictional representations of Jacobite heroes; Ravenswood, Redgauntlet, or Vich Ian Vohr may be powerful, even majestic figures, but Pittock points out that they emerge ultimately as adolescents, with no real place in the progressive, commercialized, but essentially, civil, society of nineteenth-century Britain.
Like Leeson, he wasn't so much a wheeler-dealer as a double-dealer.
But his next play, The Double-Dealer (produced 1693), though considered far better, did not meet with the same success.
Milosevic emerges as an impressive outright villain, Tudjman as a ruthless but confused double-dealer, and Izetbegovic, the Moslem Bosnian as shifty.
Published in the United States were Contact (1920); the new form of The Dial (1920); The Frontier (1920); The Double-Dealer (1921), which first published Hemingway and early work of Edmund Wilson and Robert Penn Warren; a new The Lyric (1921); The Measure (1921); Voices (1921); The Fugitive (1922) ( <IR> see THE FUGITIVES </IR> ; Laughing Horse (1922); The Chicago Literary Times (1923); Palms (1923); S.N (1919); Bozart (1927); The Blues (1929); The Gyroscope (1929); and The Kaleidoscope (1929, called The Kaleidograph after 1932).
Cameron's warped from husky-hugging Mr Nice to austerity's Mr Nasty to his latest incarnation as Mr Double-Dealer.
He was a fixer, dealer, double-dealer, conspirator, etc, just like Amar Singh," he has written.
But seeing it on its natural television home, its faults were minimised rather than magnified, and once it reached the discovery of the body, the power-play between Baby and Mickey began and the identity of the double-dealer was revealed, the claustrophobic atmosphere of the small screen intensified the suspense.
The Double Dealer, sometimes rendered The Double-Dealer, was named after a William Congreve play.