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check once more to be absolutely sure

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7 Double-check and reconfirm arrangements if there is time.
This is one of the first things a copywriter should double-check in body copy, especially in an excerpt, where cutting is always necessary.
reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey (note to self: double-check that name) reports that we're rapidly entering a "dawning age of neuroscience" that "promises not just new enhancements for Alzheimer's and other brain diseases but enhancements to improve memory, boost intellectual acumen, and fine-tune our emotional responses.
Always double-check your oil level and look for any leaks around the filter and drain plug.
They consult company Web sites more often than online magazines or opinion sites to get information, and they typically double-check information with an offline source (72 percent of the time) or with another online source (69 percent).
Van Ronkel's decision to seek official approval from the FSB, and to be provided with an FSB consultant "to double-check script accuracy," illustrate two important facts: His television show would be a propaganda organ for a hostile foreign intelligence service; and, despite the Establishment's insistence that a definitive Russian "break with the past" occurred in 1991, the FSB is the literal continuation of history's most murderous secret police organization.
He hopes the researchers will find more colonies to double-check their findings.
They may repeat the experiment or perform a similar study to double-check results.
Double-check to make sure security detail includes no off-duty New York City cops.
Double-check Liability and Property Insurance for Mobility Aids
In fact it was so simple I had to double-check and make sure I was doing it right," laughs Gordon Bentley, IT Director, AstroMed.
National Lottery players are now being urged to check and double-check their old tickets.
PC Safdar Ali from Redditch police said: "We want anyone who may have used this machine recently to be aware the device has been found and to double-check the transactions going through their bank or building society accounts.