double-blind procedure

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an experimental procedure in which neither the subjects of the experiment nor the persons administering the experiment know the critical aspects of the experiment

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Despite this apparent experimentation, in the end, most--but not all--police departments settled on policies that incorporate much of the social science research and the "best practices." In particular, as summarized in Figure 5, a large majority of agencies adopted double-blind procedures for photo arrays and a smaller majority chose double-blind procedures for live lineups, indicating that even many agencies that declined to adopt the DOJ model policy in whole or in part nonetheless incorporated double-blind procedures.
Figure 6 reveals that even more agencies adopted sequential than double-blind procedures. For photo arrays, 285 agencies, representing 81.9% of the 348 agencies with photo array policies, require sequential procedures in every case.
* Develop a serious research program, using control groups and double-blind procedures, exploring the possible role of external poisons and contaminants with regard to MG.
The observed behavior is similar to what has been previously reported for games with double-blind procedures and public payoff information (Cox and Deck 2005) and for games with single-blind payoff procedures and private payoff information (Gillies and Rigdon 2008).