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play fast notes on a wind instrument

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Based on the results of research conducted, it has been determined that majority of cases of double tongue in animals and human being are associated with cleft palate, disorders in development of brain or other anomalies (Britto et al.
Double tongue, intraoral anomalies and cleft palate-case reports and a discussion of developmental pathology.
In Golding's posthumous novel, the metaphor of a double tongue is used twice.
In keeping with the title, the text of The Double Tongue is presented as the memoirs of a priestess of Delphi in the first century BC.
The Double Tongue commences with the aged Arieka reminiscing how she was brought up in a rich Aetolian-Phocian family farming on the Corinthian Gulf, half a day's journey on foot south-west of Delphi (pp.
Whatever its incompleteness and failures, The Double Tongue has a signal place in Golding's canon as his final statement about a number of issues that had concerned him throughout his career.
The Double Tongue continues Golding's exploration of trends in contemporary fiction, relying, like The Paper Men, on postmodernist gesture to probe current notions of textual control and finality.
Brute circumstance has also made The Double Tongue a prime exemplar of a socialized text (McGann 115), the result of collaboration, whether willed or not, between the writer and the individuals responsible for seeing his or her work into print.
The Double Colour Double Tongue Painter promises the traffic light treatment - suck it and see.
Set in Greece during the time of Caesar, The Double Tongue tells the story of Arieka, the Pythia or Oracle of Apollo at Delphi.
The Double Tongue ravels together the ambiguities which enrich but also devastate the life of the scholar, the artist, and the religiously inspired.
Some squares -- the combination square, shown in Photo 3, for example, -- have a double tongue, one for 90 degrees and the other for 45 degrees.
18 has the quickest tempo up till now and requires a double tongue in one bar.
Although the tempo can vary slightly, expect an extremely fast tempo, requiring a facile double tongue in the repeated sixteenth note figures.
Other challenges in this movement are the low double tongue passages in the second horn and the difficulty of matching the woodwind articulation.