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deliberately unintelligible gibberish

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The NDC also ended its statement with, 'Friends from the media, the NPP have, and will always have a DNA of lies, double talk and hypocrisy.
By allowing students to construct alternative definitions of double talk in their own words, teachers can ensure that students understand the definition.
For Cameron, we hear double talk and dishonest politics.
Fatfat who accused Hizbullah of double talk when it comes to electing Aoun as president stressed that dialogue involving Hariri and the party is meant for defusing Sunni-Shia tensions.
How on earth are they allowed to get away with their deplorable double talk? Labour started the privatisation process and their record in Wales is shocking.
How on earth are they allowed to get away with their deplorable double talk? To protect the Welsh Health Service, Wales must elect as many Plaid Cymru MPs as possible to take on the privatisation agenda and to demand an end to the chronic under-funding of our nation.
their views on reintroduction of such punishment, I have either had a double talk meaningless reply or: 'I would have to think deeply about that.'.
This clearly shows their double talk and it clearly exposes their sinister plans to divide Maharashtra." Echoing similar sentiment on the Vidarbha issue MNS chief Raj Thackeray said, "If they could separate Vidarbha region from Maharashtra then who would stop them from carving out Mumbai from the state?" Political observers say it is not surprising that both Uddhav and think that a separate Vidarbha state is not ruled out by the PM's assurance.
The case holds a 1500 mAh battery that can almost double talk time.
I loved all that double talk by George Hunka ("Master Harold." Dec.
Qadri has been haranguing an audience with double talk and untruths, raising the veneer of an intolerant, pseudo-religious polity after a march which in many civilised nations would be considered a rebellion against the state.
The lady who wrote in the last Sunday Mail, Sept 23, saying her electricity bill was only e1/440 has missed her vocation, she should be a minister of the present Cyprus government, not because of her ability to save the country money but her skill in double talk.
Patrick Warner's debut novel, Double Talk, would ring true to Iris Murdoch, chronicler of the complex power struggles that are our ordinary lives.
But if double talk were an indictable offense, there would be few left to attend international summits.
"We can't fathom your double talk. All the GCC, Arab and Muslim people don't understand your stance regarding Bahrain," he said.