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a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation

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Another fetching optical double star sits north of Delta in the guise of 35 Cassiopeiae.
In May 2016, China and Pakistan had signed a contract for the Pakistan Remote Sensing Double Star Project, and China took the whole star export as an opportunity in the project.
The tracking feature was then re-enabled and the process was repeated five times for each double star and the resulting position angles were averaged.
The team is already working on follow-up observations to determine whether R144 is indeed a 'runaway' star, to definitively establish its mass and its other physical properties, in order to decide whether R144 really is the most massive double star discovered so far.
The other clusters and double stars marked on the map are described in the table above.
Using predictions from Occult Watcher (1) generated by Occult (2) via a feed from an IOTA-ES add-in, (3) we have successfully monitored a few double star events, which did not indicate any duplicity within the temporal resolution of our recording systems.
Astronomers think that it may have had a violent past and has been ejected from a double star system by its exploding companion.
Long-term observation of a true double star allows its orbit to be calculated, which in turn provides an opportunity for the masses of the stars to be determined.
For this project, 1 chose a Double Star AR-15 lower receiver that I obtained at a gun show for approximately $85.
From the July 2002 KLIATT review of the book: "I would double star this if KLIATT allowed such a thing!....
A star signifies the most intense stress in a phraselet; and a double star signifies the most intense stress in the entire phrase.
If you're having trouble finding the Blinking Planetary, look for 16 Cygni, a double star about 1/2[degrees] due west.
The creditors, which failed to sell Korea's second-largest tire maker to mid-tier Chinese tire maker, Double Star, have threatened to take away managerial control from Park if he fails to produce effective self-rescue measures.
Magda Streicher has set up and calibrated the Meade Astrometric eyepiece on the 400mm SCT and has started a formal programme of double star measurement, concentrating on one constellation at a time.
DOUBLE STAR (8.30) showed little worthwhile form in maidens and odds of 33-1 did not suggest much more was expected when she moved into handicap company here last time out, but this daughter of Elusive City came from off the pace to catch Eyeline in the dying strides.