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a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation

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When viewed through binoculars or a telescope, Albireo becomes a double star - this time with two stars of different colours.
This process was repeated five times for each pair and he values were then averaged and multiplied by the scale constant to give the separation of the double star in arc-seconds.
The team is already working on follow-up observations to determine whether R144 is indeed a 'runaway' star, to definitively establish its mass and its other physical properties, in order to decide whether R144 really is the most massive double star discovered so far.
14 Aurigae Lovely colorful double star at 60x; 100x shows third star.
The Washington Double Star Catalogue lists the star as having 2 components, with magnitudes of 7.
This difference in speed could imply that VFTS 102 is a runaway star -- a star that has been ejected from a double star system after its companion exploded as a supernova.
The modern definition of a double star may be credited to William Herschel, who published two double star catalogues with a total of about 700 objects in 1782 and 1785.
A star signifies the most intense stress in a phraselet; and a double star signifies the most intense stress in the entire phrase.
Four months later she notched up the first of many doubles with Double Star and Sparkling Knight at Hurst Park.
The creditors, which failed to sell Korea's second-largest tire maker to mid-tier Chinese tire maker, Double Star, have threatened to take away managerial control from Park if he fails to produce effective self-rescue measures.
Many double star observers like to challenge themselves by splitting tight doubles; however, the low magnifications of binoculars put a fairly low cap on what can be split.
The stars Alcor and Mizar form a naked-eye double star that shows up nicely when observed with binoculars or a small telescope.
Magda Streicher has set up and calibrated the Meade Astrometric eyepiece on the 400mm SCT and has started a formal programme of double star measurement, concentrating on one constellation at a time.
Given that three of the first five home all raced close to the pace, that was probably a better effort from Double Star than it appeared at first glance.
Washington, Dec 8 (ANI): Best visuals of a double star system have been captured for the first time, in which the cooler and larger of the two has lost most of its material to its 'vampire' companion, a new study has revealed.