double standard

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an ethical or moral code that applies more strictly to one group than to another

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Referring to the double standards of judges of the superior judiciary, Sharif questioned who garlanded the dictators, when they overthrew the democratically elected government, and took the oath on PCOs and from whom?
This double standard is not acceptable anymore and I'll launch a movement across the country with full force for the supremacy of law and Constitution,' he declared in unequivocal terms.
14 ( ANI ): Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Thursday lashed out at the Election Commission for adopting a double standard after the poll body did not bar Prime Minister Narendra Modi's road show, but sent a notice to Congress president-elect Rahul Gandhi for an interview.
When the responses are divided based on the religious group of the person being surveyed, the double standard is the greatest for white evangelical Protestants, while the responses are much more even for Christians and Muslims from the religiously unaffiliated.
Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada yesterday accused Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales of having double standards after the Ombudsman vowed to block the Sandiganbayan from gaining access into the bank records of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) whistleblowers led by Benhur Luy.
She believes there are double standards because she is criticised for her onstage behaviour while Presley was not.
The UN's double standard has been conspicuous and several countries and international bodies including France, Arab League, OIC, Turkey, UAE and many others have spoken in favor of the Kingdom.
Hypocrisy and Double Standard (Im)Morality Won the Day in the Bundestag," Simon Wiesenthal Center, July 1, 2010, www.
sanctions imposed over Tehran's controversial nuclear program, saying they show world powers are applying a double standard, according to AP.
The double standard has been around it seems since Adam and Eve.
Using a snarky sense of humor to point out today's gender atrocities, Valenti describes each double standard and offers tips on how to combat every one of them.
Applying different policies to men and women is a double standard and constitutes sex discrimination and, in this case, pregnancy discrimination.
Having grown up in a culture with a societal double standard for men and women, and survived an abusive relationship that forced her to break free and embark on a 10-year spiritual journey, Ciares offers her wisdom in learning to let go of cultural conditioning and focus on the one's own needs, health, and goals in life.
If we think that is an inconsistent double standard unfair to hospitals, then we are not yet morally intelligent.
I also agree that there's a double standard in terms of attire.