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a musical notation of two sharps in front of a note indicating that it is to be raised by two semitones

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The PILM 5x5 AS joins mitered pieces of mouldings tightly with a steel "V" nail (single sharp for soft woods and double sharp for hard woods).
6a (the opening two bars of 'Tuileries') the use of only five fundamental pitches (for the single fleeting C double sharp is surely an ornamental chromatic lower auxiliary of the most conventional kind) provides very sketchy evidence for an octatonic foundation; might not the basis of the opening seven bars of this piece be simply Lydian (rather than there being a shift to F sharp major for bars 5--7)?
There is a double sharp in the first flute part at measure 19; intermediate flutists may not have encountered this before.
The Preface describes the purpose clearly and efficiently: "This book offers the opportunity to establish the habit [of practicing sight-reading] from the earliest stages of playing and follows a logical sequence of progression in range of notes, variety of times, keys, and rhythms to cover the whole spectrum of French horn playing, including transposition." The book is divided into 11 sections, beginning with two notes (c' and d'), 4/4 time, and quarter- and half-notes, and ending with a section of styles from Baroque to Atonal "with a range of notes from low F # to high F [f#-f"], together with a range of keys and the use of double sharps and flats." Even stopped notes are included.
For example, under notation, it not only presents sharps and flats, but also immediately introduces double sharps and flats.
"Pastorale," the third movement, adds the additional challenges of trills and a modulation to B major including double sharps. There are several tempo changes and more challenging musical requirements through phrasing, dynamics and the length of the movement (100 measures).