double rhyme

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a two-syllable rhyme

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In each stanza, the double rhyme in the third line wobbles the tone toward amusement before adjusting back to seriousness again in the fourth, when the heavy single rhyme mutes the double rhyme buried in the middle of the stanza.
By exchanging different initial and terminal combinations, or their homophonic equivalents, the double rhyme end can be replaced by a single rhyme end, by a single rhyme beginning, and then disappear altogether.
With its lyrical phrasing, relatively high proportion of longer words, rhythmic meter and "gibbons-ribbons" double rhyme, this may still be the best rhyming, end-to-end-palindromic quatrain ever composed, as it probably would be even were the genre much more heavily populated than it is.
The final four rhymes of this passage are all double rhymes (VCVC), dependent upon the weak, pluralizing--es ending to increase their complexity.
The short lines have double rhymes, with the peculiarity that the second rhyming syllable is often the same monosyllable, not merely the same sound .