double pneumonia

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lobar pneumonia involving both lungs

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Earlier this month, while dismissing the Dawn News report regarding Shahid Hayat death in Nairobi, Kenya, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had said its Sindh director was recovering after contracting double pneumonia.
Last year, the pupil at Southridge First School, Whitley Bay, suffered double pneumonia and was diagnosed with the long-term lung condition, bronchiectasis.
Michael said: "He was active until a few weeks before his death when a fall broke his hip and although the operation was successful and he was walking again, he contracted double pneumonia and died in hospital."
Near the end of his life Pavlov relented a little and, when he died of double pneumonia at the age of 86 in what was by then Leningrad, the regime ordered a monument to him to be erected there.
Battling Sharon had fought off double pneumonia four years ago.
According to People magazine, Mueller had gone in to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed and ultimately landed in the ICU with a 105-degree fever, being treated for double pneumonia and a systemic infection.
The poor man must be at his wits' end, I muse, just dealing with the day-to-day practicalities of snowbound horses, burst pipes and iron-hard gallops, not to mention the beleaguered staff welded to their shovels by the bitter cold, persisting mournfully through bouts of double pneumonia with nothing but a jar of goose fat and an old string vest for comfort.
The reason of death has been cited as double pneumonia.
Simon, a 25-year-old RAF physical training instructor, died from complications after contracting double pneumonia on his return from Kosovo in January.
The widow of 20 years, who has recently battled through broken ribs, a fractured hip and double pneumonia, warned the intruder not to move, still wielding her crutch at him menacingly until cops arrived.
Without antibiotics or life support, double pneumonia was as dreaded as a highly morbid development.
The writer was taken to Germany on May 19 with septic shock, double pneumonia, acute renal failure.
"I'm no stranger to a deadline or the subject matter," says Cohen, who with her sister made the wrenching decision last November to allow her 85-year-old father (in the late stages of Alzheimer's and suffering from advanced double pneumonia) to die without extraordinary medical intervention.
In December 1994, Augustine developed double pneumonia. He recovered from the illness, but it left his heart weakened and his condition began to deteriorate.
Bishop Kelshaw, who is 67, was diagnosed with double pneumonia and treated with antibiotics.