double play

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the act of getting two players out on one play

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My interpretation is that the front end of a double play can not be reviewed,'' Farrell said.
SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed on this occasion said that PTCL always tries to provide best packages and offers to its customers and with these Double Play packages PTCL aims to give double advantages to its valued customers in the industry at the lowest rates.
Etisalat's eLife double play service offers fixed broadband Internet with high speeds up to 30 mbps and landline services in one bundled offer, while the triple play service bundles double play along with great entertainment through IPTV, all of which is delivered through a single access network.
For more information on making a double play with Twin Chili Cheese Dogs, call 1-800-682-SARA (7272).
Ground ball to right of 3rd baseman and SS and to left of 2nd baseman and 1st baseman for the double play, with the ball being returned to the catcher.
It marked the second time in a span of five plate appearances that Lofton had grounded into an inning-ending double play on the first pitch of an at-bat with a runner on third.
We hope to have three there, with Double Play and Dearest Daisy.
Back-Up 2nd baseman and SS roll ground balls to the starting 2nd baseman and SS, who practice turning the double play at 2nd base and throwing to the 1st baseman.
Many are finding that single play and double play offerings tend to grow faster.
It's one of the sweetest things--or one of the most painful things--to watch in sports, depending on whether it's your team that has converted a double play.
It was the right call, because if I hit a groundball, it's a double play,'' said Furcal, who has grounded into exactly five double plays in 573 at-bats.
BRETT DOYLE was banned for five days (April 21-26) for mistaking the winning post when he rode Dangerous Liaison into third place behind 1-3 shot Double Play in the two-year-old maiden, writes George Ennor.
The middle infielders are expected to check all of the catcher's signs in order to know the pitch selection, to set themselves accordingly, and which middle infielder will be covering second on a steal or double play.
DOUBLE PLAY BINGO Sun Feb 7 2016 Game 3 Day 7 54 81 62