double agent

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a spy who works for two mutually antagonistic countries

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Johnny Jebsen, the Abwehr handler for Agent Tricycle, Dusko Popov, was an Allied sympathizer who knew that Popov was a double agent and had surmised the extent of the Double Cross system.
Razzaq A Mirza said this man was double agent and Al-Qaeda killed him.
He went on to be viewed with great suspicion by MI5 but the chairman of the secret wartime committee responsible for running double agents, described him as the "opening batsman" of the "double cross system".
The second Welsh double agent was Gwilym Williams, a police inspector who retired from the force early after falling out with his boss.
The double agent managed to spend weeks with AQAP before handing over information that allowed the United States to launch a drone strike on Sunday that killed Fahd al-Quso, a senior figure who was wanted for the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen, the New York Times and other media reported, citing unnamed US officials.
The US Central Intelligence Agency thought they had found themselves a valuable double agent from the upper ranks of al-Qaeda in the person of Humam Khalil al-Balawi, only to discover that the double agent was in fact a triple agent when the Jordanian detonated a bomb at a meeting with CIA agents in Khost, Afghanistan in December of 2009, killing himself and seven Agency operatives as revenge, he declared in a posthumously released video, for the killing of Pakistani Taliban leader Beitullah Mehsud.
Summary: BEIRUT: Alleged double agent Hussam Hussam is not scheduled to hold a news conference in the upcoming two days, his attorney said Sunday.
Summary: London, July 14, 2010, SPA -- An inquest in Britain into the death of alleged Egyptian double agent Ashraf Marwan in London in 2007 has found that there was "absolutely no evidence" to support claims that he was murdered, according to dpa.
Jordan denies allegations by an Al-Qaeda double agent that its spy agency was involved in the killing of several militant leaders.
ISLAMABAD, January 09, 2010 (Balochistan Times ): A private TV channel showed on Saturday what it says was the double agent who killed CIA agents in Afghanistan with Pakistan Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud.
CDATA[ A Jordanian spy sent to Afghanistan to search out top Al Qaeda leaders turned double agent and murdered 7 CIA men and 1 Jordanian.
The Jordanian intelligence services, believing the bomber to be their double agent, took him to eastern Afghanistan with the mission of finding Al-Qaeda number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the websites and Western intelligence agents cited by U.
The question, of course, is whether Volk's father really defected or was a double agent.
Ryan Phillippe is an FBI rookie charged with exposing double agent Chris Cooper.