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a line made up of dots or dashes

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I think I deserve to hear the script before I sign on the dotted line. I am not saying that I won't do it.
Thus, it is essentially for their long lives that he signs on the dotted line. The ad ends with the husband signing the papers and joking about having to endure the same wife for his entire life.
7 Fold both sides (wings) down across the dotted line (right) and adjust to sit at a 90 degree angle.
The dotted line reporting is up through the legal org chart.
Businessmen have poured into Tehran to discuss opportunities, but few are eager to sign on the dotted line until they are told that sanctions have been lifted.
When Alan Pardon-You became the manager of Newcastle United, in 2010 he signed on the dotted line for five-and-a-half years.
3 Place a piece of washi tape (colour B in Fig 2) on the top of the phone cover, so the end lines up with the right side of washi tape colour A (see dotted line, Fig 2).
Children can follow the dotted line to trace Polka and Dot's journey.
* Blue dotted line from pillar 1175 to top of Sir Creek be demarcated with new pillars.
Another man moving from the Annagh into Intermediate A is Jamie Uprichard who signed on the dotted line for Tandragee Rovers.
Following Mark's dotted line, looking for Jesus, will take us beyond the best we know or imagine.
"We are looking forward to trying to make sure next week we are competitive again, to try and take something from the Norwich game and then to get enough points to get above that dotted line.
Therefore Ronny faces an agonising decision: Keep the truth from his best friend until the automotive company has signed on the dotted line or tell Nick everything, aggravate his stomach ulcer and plunge the engine design project into chaos.
No chance to think about it first or talk it through with me - just sign on the dotted line.
Having signed on the dotted line with Alun, Sin is over the moon.