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a rectangular matrix of dots from which written characters can be formed

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And also listed Dot Matrix Printing upstream raw materials equipments and down stream clients survey analysis and Dot Matrix Printing markeDot Matrix Printing g channels industry development trend and proposals.
Khalil El Dalu, General Manager, Epson Middle East, said, "Compared with other print technologies, dot matrix printing has a range of advantages, for instance, it can print carbon copies and is not affected by external factors.
For environments where a dot matrix printing solution is the obvious choice -- warehouses, wholesalers, banks, post offices and public sector organisations -- the new user friendly Epson LQ-690 adds speed and reliability," said Khalil El-Dalu, general manager, Epson Middle East.
It times the firing of the solenoids to produce the dot matrix characters.
For example, the strengths of dot matrix printers are speed, price and the ability to produce the best multi-part forms.
1 Station POS Printers Market Development 2005 - 2011f: Thermal, DOT Matrix and Ink
In comparison, Pricer's new Dot Matrix label offers full flexibility of display content because it is embedded with thousands of dots individually controlled by a microprocessor.
I have been distressed to see the wide-spread sales of imitation dot matrix machines throughout the world, to the point where I no longer consider dot matrix much of a security device when used by itself," remarked Craig Newswanger, CFC Holographics, Vice President, Research and Optical Development.
Digital hologram technology, also called Dot Matrix holography, has been particularly successful in the packaging market, with Coors, Pepsi, and Colgate Palmolive incorporating dot matrix hologram technology in the packaging design of a variety of consumer products.
The Company began to actively R&D digital holography and, in conjunction with Advanced Digital Holographics, was the first to develop Dot Matrix holography in the 1980s.
Tenders are invited for Procurment of dot matrix printer(24 pin) 80 col.
With a print speed of up to 900 characters per second (cps), the 3870 is GENICOM's fastest serial dot matrix printer.
and a subsidiary of Oki Data Corporation of Japan, markets under the OKI Printing Solutions brand PC peripheral equipment including digital color and monochrome printers, serial impact dot matrix printers, multifunction products and facsimiles.
Provide and deliver the Authoritys requirements for Continuous Dot Matrix Printer Paper (Supplies) on an as-needed basis for a twelve (12) month period.
s ink jet, laser, and dot matrix printers and color flatbed scanners.