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someone who sleeps in any convenient place

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Low-paid workers are constantly skint, worn out and totally dejected, whilst the bone idle dossers just laugh down their noses at us.
The dossers even left with some of the clothing stuffed into the store's carrier bags.
IT beggars belief that in this day and age a nine-year-old child can be allowed to wander city streets befriending vagrants and dossers.
They were called dossers, lived in appalling conditions, and were told no-one would miss them if they were killed," said prosecutor John Hipkin in opening his case.
The alcoholics on the show are portrayed as spongers and dossers when, in fact, they desperately need help, rehab and educating.
Drifters and drug addicts got just PS5 a day for patio and paving jobs and were beaten up by the Connors, who called them dossers.
Perhaps if they spent as much time looking for work, the Government wouldn't need the extra millions to keep these dossers.
Kieran says he doesn't pay much rent for his place partly because of the street it's in which has got a bad reputation (even us dossers had heard it was a place to keep clear of) and partly because it's right at the top of the building, with those funny wedge-shaped rooms.
Such premises can quickly become rat-infested hang-outs for dossers and criminals.
Only 12 of us are here and all proper people - by that I mean no petty criminals or dossers.
To all the scrounging asylum seekers and our own several million bone-idle dossers, single mothers and ex-council workers who can't do a hard day's work because of bad backs, it will mean nothing.
The Taoiseach recently said the country is living beyond its means but Mr Cowen and the other Dail dossers are living beyond OUR means.
I suppose these dossers will be asking for a pay rise next year.
Given the army of drunks and dossers infesting the place, it must have been the only time a city's Skid Row won an environmental award.
They were writers, producers, actors, dossers who'd done an Open Mike spot at a Comedy Club, and assorted time-wasters.