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the posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine

the back of the body of a vertebrate or any analogous surface (as the upper or outer surface of an organ or appendage or part)

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sup][3]reported patients with PTM who presented with erythema and thickening of the forehead or localized myxedema on the nasal dorsum.
3 Nasomental angle (120-1320): The nasomental angle is described by a line drawn through the nasal dorsum intersecting a line drawn from the nasal tip to the soft tissue at the pogonion.
Dorsum wider and with concave area at level of setae R1; setae Z4 anterior in position with setae S4; sternal setae ST2 long, reaching beyond setae ST3; calyx elongate, bifurcated at juncture with atrium.
Mendelson & Toal (1996) concurred with the original diagnosis of Plectrohyla mykter (Adler & Dennis 1972), except that they did not find a thoracic fold, tarsal fold, or rostral keel in adults, and found the skin of the dorsum of body to be thin, rather than intermediate between thin and thick.
The extensor tendon sheaths on the dorsum of the hand were also excised due to necrosis.
Dorsum sellae (DS): A square portion of bone on the body of the sphenoid posterior to the sella turcica or hypophysial fossa.
Upon physical examination, a hard soft tissue nodule was noted on the dorsum of the foot.
We report a case of 90 years old female with rural background presented with diffuse oedema of dorsum of bilateral hand, severe pain over bilateral wrist joint and bilateral metacarpopharyngeal joint for 45 days, along with multiple tender swellings over the wrist and dorsum of hand for 30 days with negative history of fever, weight loss, fatigability, morning stiffness, backache, neck pain, Rash, eye and orogenital symptoms, mucocutaneous lesion, diarrhoea or any other joint involvement.
The patients we report in this cluster most typically had perioral and perirectal papules in addition to vesicles on the dorsum of their hands.
Formulations containing with or without DMAE were applied to the dorsum of hairless mice.
2) The characteristic appearance of Benign migratory glossitis is that they occur as multifocal, circinate, erythematous patches surrounded by white serpiginous lines on the dorsum of the tongue.
They are called "mantleslugs" because the mantle covers the dorsum to such an extent that the mantle was once thought to be absent (Sterki 1908).
Dorsum finely granular, with tubercles almost imperceptible, becoming more evident towards the posterior region of the back, where they are manifested as rounded to flattened tubercles at level of groin and at the tip of the urostyle; arms and forearms with conspicuous tubercles on dorsal parts, smooth on ventral parts; flanks shagreened; a line of low dorsolateral tubercles from the level of the shoulders to level of groin; arms and forearms bearing inconspicuous tubercles through their external borders; hand length 26.
Head integument nitid black; 18 golden-yellow long curved decumbent hairs on dorsum of head, all hairs directed medially, hairs surrounded by small pits.