dorsal vertebra

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one of 12 vertebrae in the human vertebral column

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One of those fragments corresponds to the left prezygapophysis and parapophysis of a middle or a posterior dorsal vertebra.
Material: Presacral neural spine, tentatively interpreted as an anterior dorsal vertebra (MG 4920).
spdl is a common feature within sauropods (Wilson, 2012) and suggests that this neural spine is probably from an anterior dorsal vertebra (following Wilson, 1999).
Material: Middle or posterior dorsal vertebra (MG 4799).
Description: Partial centrum of a middle or posterior dorsal vertebra, only the right side is preserved (Fig.
It has been identified as a dorsal vertebra on the basis of the position of the parapophyses and diapophyses, both of which join to form the transverse processes and are born from the neural arch (Andrews, 1913; Young et al.
In the first dorsal vertebra the parapophyses pass partially onto the neural arch, and the diapophyses and parapophyses are still separated (Andrews, 1913; Wilkinson et al.
It is thicker at the base than the spine of the dorsal vertebra MPZ 2001/130c.
The three vertebrae (MPZ 2001/130 b, c, d) have articular faces that are circular to oval in shape, and the vertebral bodies are hourglass-shaped in ventral view, with the lateral and ventral faces concave, especially markedly in the dorsal vertebra.
In addition, a dorsal vertebra and a dermal plate from the Early Cretaceous of Burgos, originally referred to an indeterminate stegosaur (Pereda-Suberbiola et al.
Dorsal vertebra and Pereda Suberbiola et dermal plate al.